?s on old Matt Murphy Brush Roll


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how much did this patent version retail for? it holds 18 brushes.

and opinions on it?

from what i could find so far from search button, the pro is that it's sturdier than the new roll. Cons are that it scratches up easily and it folds in thirds rather than actually roll up.



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You can see pictures of it here
and read online reviews of it here

According to the reviews, it retailed for $45. I have one and really like it, but it is really a bulkier style than most other rolls. It also holds a lot more brushes than most (way more than 18 ), a lot more styles of brushes (short/tall, fat/thin etc), has larger openings for larger handles and multiple brushes per pocket, and is multi-level. Most rolls just don't hold enough brushes except the very basics and maybe hold one brush per pocket. This also has the zippered case for misc tools, etc. You just have to decide if you are looking for something larger like this that holds a lot and is bulky, or something portable. Another option for a lot of brushes is the large roll from www.crownbrush.com but that opens so wide, I find it harder to use or set down.

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