Self Tanner for WOC


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Hello beauties
..Im an NC50 skintone(actually Im a lil lighter) but Im looking for a self tanner for my body,mainly my legs because they have color but I want that St.Tropez,my summer was better than your summer kinda bronze tan without looking oompa lumpa orange
. I was hoping that yall could give me any suggestions on how to achieve that look.Any advance would help.Thanks


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I use self tanners for my legs all the time! I'm NC-45 in the Mac world!
I have tried many with great sucess cheap and pricey!
My latest is Loreal Sublime Bronze Medium deep. This is a sheer one so it takes a couple of days to get intense but looks very natural. I always get the self tanners in deep or dark to insure the color comes out pretty vivid!

I love self tanners for women of color...makes our legs look delish!!!

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