Shalom from Israel


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Hi, Im new and also love MAC. I also post on MUA (under a different s-n).

I'm 24, married and live in Tel-Aviv. Israel is a great place with warm friendly people, great culture and rich history so don't be scared about what you hear on the news. Tel-Aviv is city that doesn't sleep. You can find something open at all hours. It is also amazing to go on strolls on the beach along the mediterranean or sipping cappucino in one of the numerous cafe's and watching the world go by.

While my collection is not nearly as big as the ladies on this forum, its growing and I love all the help and suggestions that I have gotten from photos and threads in this forum.

Lehitraot! (see you later)


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Welcome to Specktra! I'm sure you gonna have a lot of fun here!
Oh and btw, Tel Aviv is my second favorite city! I would move there in a heartbeat, even if I would gain even more weight, love the food there


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Its great to see that many people from around the globe loves MAC

How could we not like the beautiful colors!



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Shalom! I would love to visit Israel one day, I'm sure it's beautiful! Welcome to Specktra, hope you have a lot of fun hanging out here!


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welcome to specktra...i'm also a newbie. by the way, i love tel aviv, its such a cool city. (too bad i haven't been back for ages, prolly has changed so much!)


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Happy to meet another addict

I don't know much about Tel-Aviv, but your description sounds divine! I hope I can see it some day

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