Shimmermoss and Electric Fuschia


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Hi guys!​
I found these pictures forgotten in my camera.​
I really don't use Shimmermoss that much I don't know why because it is so pretty!​
I don't remember everything I used though.. but this is what I can remember.​
MAC Shimmermoss e/s​
MAC Aquadisiasc e/s​
Maybe MAC Plumage e/s​
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil​
Ardell Glamour lashes​
MAC Electric fuschia l/g​
MAC Peachykeen blush​
Have a great Monday!!!​
< Excuse the lash glue>​


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this is a gorgeous look on you! I love the lip color especially!

I noticed you have a scar on your neck and it looks a lot like mine! Mine goes downward though heh

sunshine rose

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That's a gorgeous look, I love the combination of the blue eyes and pink lips, it's bright but still really wearable! And as others have said a pretty look

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