Shoe haul! New record for me!!


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So I decided to partake in the Payless BOGO 1/2 off sale. And boy did I ever!

As my camera's battery is dead, I just copied the pictures from Payless' site. I love looking at my shoes!!!

It was a total of 6 pairs, and it worked out to be just over $200. Not too shabby IMO.

How about these Naughty Nautical inspired ones?! LOL I'm just about a year late than NN's release.

I effing love these coral shoes!! I got so many compliments yesterday at work!

Coral slings! They are not this light in real life. They are more of a deeper tone. So fun!

Brown heels as before I only had brown flats to go with my brown pants.

And some black flats to wear to and from work so I can run for the bus. Then I put on the funky shoes @ work or for weekends!

The other pair was just a pair of sneakers.

The same day as this shoe shopping extravaganza, there was a sale at Bentley for BOGO 1/2 off as well, so I got 4 new purses! All in all it was quite cheap! So now I'm done for quite a while!!


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Thanks for all the comments guys!!

resin--I am jealous!! I've only seen them once, but loved it so much I want to see them again and again!! They put on an amazing show!
You met them twice? eeeee who's your fave? how were they in person? !!!!

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