Short or Long Skirts?

Cassie Zhang

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Hello ladies,
We all know that skirts are great because you can pair them with just about any top. What's more, you can wear skirts in just about any occasion. But, when it comes to style, what do you prefer; short or long skirts?

Short skirts

Long skirts

Which skirt your like?


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I'm not much of a skirt person; I tend to favour dresses. I think I'm past the point where I can wear something very short. So I prefer roughly mid length or longer.


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I always wear skirts or dresses. I have never worn them short, it simply doesn't look good on me. So knee lenght or slightly longer for me.


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I love both and think it depends on various things. What you're doing, what's your body shape, height, etc. Both can look great on people especially if you pick the right color and pattern. I tend to lean more towards the knee length skirts as I dress business casual most of the time.

Isra Yassin

I prefer midi. Such as pencil skirts. Pencil skirts are always sexy! they can be a bit longer or shorter. A nice fitted pencil skirt is a must have


Short or Long Skirt is great. It depends on the wearer's mood or the occasion she would be going. Hope this helps!

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