Sincerely Sorry


i think i should have done this eariler, and that is properly introduce myself.
It is a real honor and pleasure to be a part of Specktra.
So, i'm 39 y.o. and living in "somewhat sunny" san diego. i'm a full time MAC addict since the very first time a gf let me borrow her studio fix powder plus. All i use is MAC products (with the occasional use of UD's Eye Primer Potion and LipFusion Clear Lip Plumper*). i love the new lines and the classic "basics" which i read here first (and bought second).
i'm not sure if it is really all that important, but i don't want to mislead anyone here ... i am only a "part time" Girl ...or "gurl" if You prefer. i absolutely cherish every moment i can express my Femininity and "Innerself", which seems like an awful lot of time here lately, since i've been back stateside. (May 27, 2010 and back FOR GOOD). i LOVE Everything about Fashion from Shoes, Skirts, Dresses, Handbags, and most importantly the Very Best Cosmetics, and that, to me is MAC. So, that's what brought me here, along with direction from my MAC MUA's here in San Diego. i sincerely hope to be a part of this great community and contribute and help in any way that i can. Thank You in advance for all the warm welcomes!!

PS. i have to give a "shout out" (OMG did i just type that??) regarding MUD Cosmetics. If You know Make Up and think You do if You're here, then You know what Amazing products they have and an Incredible Education System. i have been to a Free Workshop and they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

* regarding LipFusion Clear Lip Plumper ...i'll let You know how it works out for me, granted i have a little "different" body chemistry / physiology, i am hopeful for a larger, fuller, plumper set of Lips without surgery

Thanks So Very Much for reading,
Have a Beautiful Day!!



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Welcome to Spectra... but what are you sorry for?

I am an old bag and totally unapologetic for being myself, feminine or addicted to makeup... just relax and enjoy!


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Welcome to Specktra!

No reason to be sorry, you just be you! I hope to see you around the forums.


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