So what's going on with XOXO clothing's site?


I had gone into Macy's one day and saw some cute shirts that were new from XOXO and wanted to check online when I got home to see what other new things they might have. Well I couldnt find anything new and everything on the site was 75% off! Most everything was gone too from the site...sold out...I'd say they may have had a dozen things left or so. Anyway I checked back the next day and the site wouldnt come up....few days later it says what it says now ...that they're getting a whole new wardrobe and they'll be back up soon. Well that was 2 months ago and still nothing up. Does anything know what's going on with them? I thought maybe they might be going out of business


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The site is being redone. They are going to come up with new items. They are not going out of bussness. They are doing pretty well I think. You can sign up your email and they will let you know when the site returns!

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