Some stupid questions.. [kinda pic heavy]


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I feel pretty dumb for asking this, but..I have the hardest time trying to figure out my features, which makes it sooo hard to place my make up in the right place or find colors that will complement me. I've read several articles and watched a couple of videos but they weren't very helpful.
So I was wondering if any of you could help me determine my skin undertones, eye shape, face shape, placement.. any would help
I'm currently at a NC30 (nw doesn't look so bad either) & MUFE 127
My cheeks are flushed pink but the rest of my skin seems kind of neutral/olive (?)

All of these are pretty accurate.. my foundation is melted off on all of these by the way. (sorry you have to look at my makeup-less face!)

eye shape:

skin color:

face shape:


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You have a heart shaped (inverted triangle) face. Skin tone is really hard to tell from pictures but I would say it looks like you have a slight olive undertone. Yours eyes look almond shaped to me, this means anything should look good on you.

What are you having problems with in terms of colour placement? Your eyes look brown in the picture, purples should look really great on you.

Try the different looks you have seen and if you don't like how it looks wash it off. Check out the FOTD section of the forum; I am sure there are many ladies who have the same colouring, face and eye shape as you.


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Thank you very much..

I guess what I mean by color placement is what kind of colors to use (dark, light, or bright color on the lid?) and how far out I should extend my eye shadow.


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Ohhh I forgot to add if I blend colors past my crease it doesn't look right for some reason. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? Is there any way I could make it work for me..


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Hey! first off, not stupid questions at all! You're so pretty btw
Love that lippie on you.
I agree with the NC 30 maybe even 35 (might be too orange though)
I have similar features, the almond eyes, olive skin tone, heart shaped face..
First, in terms of e/s placement, I find placing darker colors in my crease to create depth as most youtube gurus and bloggers tend to do, looks wrong on me.

Instead, I place my e/s kind of one after the other on my lid (if that makes sense lol) so starting with inner lid/tearduct: highlight color. (usually a bright light color like MAC Ricepaper) then rest of lid is my lid color of the day, (usually a neutral brown like MAC woodwinked) finally outer corner/V is a darker brown (MAC Handwritten)

IMO, the outer V is the most tricky. With our eyeshape, try lighly doing circles with a 217 right at the lash line at the outer edge of your eye, now work those circles upwards. (I look in the mirror with my face relaxed, raising my brows screws up placement.) make the brush deposit the most color at the part where you see the fold of your eyelid.

Basically, you're making a soft blended 'C' or 'V' from the outer part of your lash line workin around the edge to the fold or the crease. You can hold up a makeup brush to your face vertically to line up with the arch of your eyebrow (the highest point of your brow) The section with the "tail" end of your brow is how far inwards you can bring your outer V color.

Any more inwards and it will make your eyes look smaller/closed off. Best thing to do is bring it inwards only as far as the brush tip, then blend the color inward so it fades/gets lighter as it goes further towards your tear duct.

Whoo! sorry if that's complicated..I wish I could explain in pictures!
As for face, I like to contour my nose and cheekbones and sometimes jawline.. (don't like my pointy chin, yours is super cute though! :p) That's pretty basic everybody on Youtube has a vid on that. I'd recc Goss makeup artist or MissChievous for tut's.

Blush application can be a bit tricky...I've kinda learned what works best on me, but everyone's diff.. I used to make the fishy face a lot in order to contour my cheekbones, now I kinda have a general idea where it all goes. I place my brush a tiny bit above the hollow of my cheek, onto the part that gets round when I smile.

If you feel around for the bones in your cheek (sounds gross I know) you'll feel a bone right under your eye, light highliter can be placed on that bone stopping below your pupil so you don't look shiny. Below this, when the bone ends and theres only flesh is where color should be at its brightest. It shouldn't be too low or too high, check by making fishy face. I pat on blush on this spot then swirl the brush around that area to blend it out.

I try to avoid going to far out on the edge of my face towards the tends to look dated. A good measure is feeling for your cheekbone again and feel all the way out in the direction away from your nose to feel flesh end and bone begin again. That's as far as you wna go.
Let me know if you want to explain something better, sorry its so convoluted! Good luck and have fun..


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Wow, Ziya! Thanks a lot! It all makes sense..
this helps HEAPS.. i've been practicing a bit with the eyeshadow and it looks so much better. i haven't gotten as far as learning how to contour, but i will definately try to once i get ahold of some powder.
(btw, i just watched goss's contour&highlight vid.. never heard of placing the contour&highligh under your foundation. its insane! he's sooo talented haha.)
Honestly, I was beginning to think that make up doesn't look good on me, I was doing something wrong, or that I was just ugly. It really just got to the point that I stopped wearing eyeshadow... Anyway, I'm so glad I can wear eye shadow again!

Thanks again.. And I hope you make some FOTDs or tutorials someday! lol
I just have one question about eyeshadow.. do you put a highlight on your browbone too?


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Hey! sorry it took me so long to reply. I forgot to click the subscribe button so I couldnt find your thread! I really hope I make post some FOTD some time too
LMAO I can be a bit camera shy
I'm really glad some of my blabber made sense lol
As for brow highlight, I use any old e/s brush 213 or 239 w.e you have on hand (clean! lol no green from yesterday cough cough *my bad*) and swipe a line from your arch following your brow down the tail. Next take a fluffy brush like 224 and make circles below that line you just made to soften it up.
When my brows are neat and freshly threaded I use shimmery colors to highlight their shape, I like to use ricepaper, vanilla or naked pigment, you can try those and maybe shroom e/s...?
when I've got lil baby regrowth I use NYX in "highlight." Also try MAC vanilla e/s or brule.
HTH! :p


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^ lol Ziya that line '...check by making fishy face' cracked me up so much, I have no idea why but it triggered a laughing fit!!

Oh and to the OP, you are gorgeous, great cheekbones, lips and eyes...pretty much everything would suit you...and I have nothing more useful to say

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