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Ok so like a lot of you I have this obsession with makeup! MAC, Stila, anything like most of you too I am a makup whore! I love all brands! I cant just stick to one!

So heres the thing, I work for Clinique and on my days off I go in and buy stuff from other brands like a Lancome JT or like today I bought EL stuff because they have the GWP. I just love makeup and its like every other week I buy something cos new collections or I just want it. but, everytime i buy something, even if it is from my own line I get bitched at! the girls at my counter are like"why do you buy lancome?!" yes I understand i should not buy this when i work for clinique but at the same time, I know better than to wear a lancome e/s when I am working! What will i tell my customers? hello, I am not stupid!

And, not only that but everyone is always like "why do you buy so much?" "oh another lipgloss?!" "another eyeshadow?!" "girl, you have waaayy too much!" Man shutup! it really is none of there darn business what I buy, how much I buy, what brand i buy! dang just let me be and go on with my obsession! They just dont understand! Dang, and I am sure they use other brands too!

Point is they need to lay off! I never let this get to me but they make me feel so bad about my obsession

Also of course I love MAC and I have a lot of it! We are getting a MAC counter soon at our store so I dont know how I will purchase stuff w/o having other people watching me, staring me down and giving me dirty looks! So what, am I gonna have to drive to another mall just to buy MAC and other brands so they wont see me? wth man>!

I am sorry but I just had to vent. What can I do to make them lay off? or understand?


The best thing you can do is not worry about making them lay off or understand :p They don't need to understand it and don't let that bother you. There are lots of things people do that others don't understand but hey, thats part of being human and our differences are after all, the 'spice' of life.

Do they expect people who work at Macdonalds to only ever eat Macdonalds when they want fast food? It's just down-right silly

They're passing judgement on you in ways they have no right doing so and that's what you need to keep in mind the next time you indulge your passion/obsession.

Enjoy being different ! Enjoy having other people notice you have a passion in life and take their comments lightly:

"oh another lipgloss?!"
Reply Something like: Hell yeah, only bought 4 this week! *put on big chessy grin*

"girl, you have waaayy too much!"
Take this as a compliment - they're impressed with your collection!

Go on, have fun with it!

You're a makeup fan so flaunt it !


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As long as you're wearing Clinique when you work, why should they care? They prob. wish they had the guts to try other lines.

One of my good friends is a Freelance MA for Estee Lauder, and she is usually wearing MAC when she works! LOL

She also prob. owns more MAC than EL.

Just let it roll off your shoulders...they just wish they had the MU stash that you have! They prob. have dreams about swimming around in your makeup stash! LOL


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Don't let those silly girls bother you. They obviously don't get it but you don't have to justify your purchases to them. Like you said, as long as you wear and promote clinique when you are on the clock, that's all that is important. The rest is none of their business. I know it can be hard but just do your best to ignore their comments. Whenever someone makes a comment to me that is a backwards compliment or a thinly veiled criticism I just say "thanks for noticing!" and smile. You're obviously not alone in your love of beauty products. Try not to worry too much about it, sweetie darling.


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I wouldn't worry about it. I guess I'd get irritated to. Thats why the Mary Kay people hack me off - they are so focused that MK is like the 'best freakin' cosmetic' and I'm sure everyone here would agree that a good product is a good product mac or not. I love mac... but if I'm in walgreens or walmart I'll find something. I used to use more clinique than anything else. In fact there are some clinique shadows that I want.

I'm obsessed too but I've got an obessive personality - I love to shop (I swear its past life issues in dealing with a former life of absolute destitute poverty).

So tomorrow when you go to work ask them what they spent their money on last night? I'm sure you don't use or spend on some things that they do... i.e. maybe they drink or rent a lot of movies or save for a year for that one louis vuitton... and one louis vuitton would buy alot of makeup. LOL


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Just try not to let it bother. My friends always hassle me cause I'm constantly buying make-up, but when it comes time to go out they want me to do their makeup lol.


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If you are buying Lancome or MAC, Bobbi Brown (and I think Stila, not sure), tell your co-workers that they are under Mama Blue's umbrella!

My friends hassle me about my purse obsession all the time! I just do a little twirl and say, "Don't hate!"...that usually throws them off and makes them laugh. It also changes the subject. Just think of a witty comment and change the subject to let them know that you are uncomfortable with the conversation. Hopefully they will get the hint.

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