Sparkling pressed powder in Venus


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I just bought Venus yesterday after discovering it at Sephora. Does anyone have this product? What are your thoughts on it?



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I have it, I like it. I have the loose Michu Pichu Powder, I think Venus has more sparkles and is a bit paler-but a heavier quality powder. I like Michu Pichu on my body as well....


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i actually prefer the loose version. I thinkt hey blend better and are smoother while the pressed ones are a little chalky IME


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I have Machu Picchu but the pressed powder version. I personally love it as a light highlight to the face, but I am considering buying the loose powder version as suggested above in Gold Rush to be able to use it on the body and on my face when I get a little darker in the summer. How do you like Venus?


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i have it..

i am so sorry i hate it
dont get me wrong i think its a good product for its purpose but unfortunately i am not into sparkling stuff on my face and neck any more unless if its a blush or an eye shadow.. so basically nothing wrong with the product.. its just me! i have albatross and i think i will try to convince myself to use venus as a highlighter for the eyes and maybe cheecks.. we'll see..

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