SPECKTRA FAQ: How to use post features (Report, Thumb up, and Quoting)


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I wanted to go over all of the little icons you see at the bottom of all posts, sometimes they can be a little confusing and it's important to know what they do. These might be interesting features you've seen but didn't understand how to use. Let's clear up the mystery so you can begin interacting!

At the bottom of every post you will see the following set of icons. They all do different things, let's learn about them one by one starting with an important icon on the left.

The little red flag is the report button. When you hover the mouse over this icon you will see the following text displayed "Report this post to a Moderator". This button is handy for reporting inappropriate content or content that violates the forum ToS. When you report a post it is brought directly to our attention which helps us address issues as they arise.

Moving on to the right side of the postbit you will see these buttons displayed.

The first button is the Thanks! post feedback system, on the Huddler platform the icon is displayed as a little green thumb. When you like a post and wish to show the member your appreciation for their input can click the green thumb in the lower left hand corner of their post. Clicking the icon will visibly display your name as a supporter of their content. Think if it as a mini feedback system for users and a way to engage with other users without having to reply or contribute to a thread.

The multi button is intended for use when you have several posts you would like to quote in a reply. Simply go along the thread and select this button under every post you wish to quote in your reply, when you are finished making your selections click on "Reply" button (seen above) or the "Post Reply" ( ) on the bottom left hand of the thread and all of your selected posts will now show for you to reply to individually in one post!

The quote button is intended for when you want to directly quote a single post.

The reply button is simply a quick reply button that will jump you down to the reply box.

That's all for now, hope this helps maximize your experience while visiting Specktra! If you have any Q's about this FAQ please post a reply or PM a staff member. If you have any suggestions for additional FAQ's please let me know and I will put them up!

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