Specktra.net selling/swapping information [updated 12.01.09]


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Question: Can I post my items for sale or swap on these forums?

Answer: Yes, you can. We have a special set of forums called the Clearance Bin. There are a couple of qualifications before you can access the clearance bin:

  • You must have a minimum of 50 posts

  • You must be a registered member for at least 30 days

The reason we have these minimum requirements is because:

  • We do not want members who join only to post their wares

  • We do not want members joining and then "spamming" the forum to reach the minimum required posts

Once you reach 50 posts and 30 days of being a registered user your membership is automatically promoted and access is granted to the forums. However until then you will be unable to even see the forums in the forum listing. Please wait at least 24 hours before contacting a staff member about your access to the CB forums after making your 50th post. Since the promotion is automatic the forum executes a script once an hour to check for eligible accounts for promotion.

To make it absolutely clear - Postwhoring to reach 50 posts IS NOT allowed. You will have your access restricted and your account will be suspended if this happens.
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oh, I was wondering why there was feedback for the clearance bin, yet I saw no such thing.


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That answers my question then! I thought I was having a blonde moment when I couldn't find it.

Pink Lady

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Thanks for this wonderful info. I'm new to the forum and had been wondering where it was that members were getting products from on this site lol


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geez, where have i been? i've been registered for some time now and never knew about the CB. i've always wondered how people have sold/swapped on Specktra!

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