Spring Haulage


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My Spring haul

More to come by the way

Euristocats CP Lipstick:

Saint Germain Lipstick

heatherette Items:

Starlet Kiss Lipglass

Melrose Lipstick

Covergirl Items:

Limited Edition Wetslicks lip gloss in petalicious

Limited edition shadow Squease in orchid purple

Eyeslicks in pink freeze


Kimmora Lee Simmons lipgloss

Travelon train case

Dooney wristlet in purple

And since i got a 10 dollar gift card to cherry culture since my last order was a mess they sent me GC to be nice im planning on my next haul to be

NYX doll eyes masacara

NYX twin cake pressed powder

NYX lipgloss in barbie pink not sure if this is a bright pink or what

NYX eyeshadow pencil in strawberry milshake

NYX brushes


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Great hauling!! Enjoy your fab new toys!!


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wow, i think i may have to head over to my local TJ Maxx to see what sort of goodies i can find for myself. nice lil haul you have there.


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yea i went to my two TJ MAXX one over the weekend and they had some nice dooney and bourke purses there but to big for my taste, the one thats close to my work i went yesterday found some really gorgeous purses of dooney and saw one wristlet left i snagged it, also they had some too faced and stila cosmetics being cleared out and the rest of kimora simmons makeup line, also i was going to get J.LO glow after dark perfume for 18 bucks but i didnt know how it would smell on me. really good findings at tj maxx im going back next week since im a dooney lover i might get one more bag

and they also had some pretty nice travelon train cases to for 6-10 bucks

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