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Hey there! On the Sanayhs-needs-a-home front, panic is settling in fairly quickly. My father wants me to find a place IMMEDIATELY, and if I don't find one by Friday I think that he's going to be signing me up for a place that is waaaaaay out of the way. There are one or two buses that go sort of near there, but they are a pain in the butt to get to. He's thinking of putting my boyfriend and I in a one bedroom plus den condo for $800 a month. The condo is nice, mind you, with fridge, stove, washer, dryer and dishwasher, as well as a gym in the building, but hot damn... I'd rather have a 2+ bedroom in the middle of the city for a bit more money and have fewer luxuries. My space is worth a lot to me.

I'm going to look at a two bedroom plus den for not much more than the one bedroom my dad is looking at on Thursday. Here's hoping it suits, because I adore the location and it would be SO MUCH BIGGER. The problem there? The lease doesn't start til July 1, and I know my dad wants me to move way before then. He wanted me moved for June 1, but it just didn't work out.

About the only thing that WON'T suck to pack is my makeup, since I can just pick up the stacks of plastic drawers and go! I've been furnishing the majority of a large house for a few years now, and as a result have a ridiculous amount of stuff - be it furniture, kitchenwares, or you-name-it. I figure if I have to, I can crash with the boy at his mom's place for the rest of June and stash my stuff somewhere temporarily. His mom will NOT be happy about that, though.

I'm just wondering what the hell I'm supposed to do here. I'm terrified of moving into a one bedroom with a boy, a cat and a rabbit. I believe I will feel terribly claustrophobic. Also (not to be pessimistic), if it eventually falls apart between the boy and I, I'd have to move as I'd be unable to afford a one bedroom that expensive on my own. With a two bedroom or larger, I could take on a roommate, or we could at least have our own separate rooms. I'm not very good at sharing space, and to move from a very large 4/5 bedroom house into a wee little one bedroom where I would have ZERO space to call my own seems downright impossible for me to handle.

Oh, and if you're wondering why my father's desire for me to move matters so much, he's currently my landlord. He needs me to move so that he can renovate the place; it's an old house which definitely needs some updating.

I don't expect anyone to have any answers for me, just thought I'd rant a bit.


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I think you should leave your things in storage or with a friend/relative. Also can you movie into a friends place or with a relative till July?

I want you to get the place that you really like and move into a place that you will be comfortable living in because that will be your home, otherwise it won't feel like home to you and you would want to move to somewhere else.

It will be really good if you can move somewhere temporarily and get the place that you want.

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