Storing tons of itty-bitty perfume bottles?


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I have a couple of average-sized perfume bottles, but I mostly buy samples so I can switch scents often. Hence, I have tons of tiny perfume bottles balancing precariously on the back of my sink. They constantly fall over and I'm afraid of them breaking. I've tried putting them in to small cups, a shallow soap dish...they really need something to hold them up when they're not in use, but I can't think of a dark thing. :/

Any ideas? Suggestions?

For the record, I'm talking about these kinds of bottles:


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Try ammunition cases. Seriously. I have a jillion perfume samples, and that's how I store them. I love them because they are super-compact, very stackable and hold everything nicely upright. They come in flip-top and slip-case versions, with room for 50 or 100 vials.

You can of course also organize them and label them to your heart's content.

They're not super-pretty, if you're looking to display them, but if you get the slip-case version, you can just place the bottom portion into a nicer box, so at least you'll get the benefit of having them all equally spaced-out and standing up.



You can buy them in sporting goods stores that carry hunting equipment, or online - just google ammo or ammunition cases/boxes and you'll find a bunch of sites. Cabela's is a good place.

For the 1 ml sample sizes, I recommend going with cases designed for .44 mag/.45 colt/.41 mag/.44 spec ammo. (With the MTM brand, the code would be P50-44-41 if you're getting the 50 slot version.)

You can also try the kind for .38 spec/.357 mag, but the holes are smaller and just a fraction shorter. I find the lid is a bit too snug. (Not as much an issue with the slip-case.)

Here you can see the comparison between the two sizes - the .44/.41 is on the left, the .38/.357 on the right.


If you're near a sporting goods store, consider going in with a few different samples and trying some cases out. I did that - got some strange looks, but the guy at the counter was very accommodating, if amused.

Flip-top cases for 50 rounds (or vials) -

Slip-top cases for 50 rounds -


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These ideas are all amazing, but Mae's pictures pretty much forced me to check out ammunition cases!

For the record, I tested a lipstick holder...they're way too deep, so I have to squish my fingers in to pull the perfume bottles out.


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wow mae, awesome idea. Yeah kragey I guess a lipstick holder would be too deep.

I wonder if they make those ammunition holders with bigger holes to hold lipsticks?


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I never tried measuring, but if you take a look at boxes meant to hold rifle ammo, you might find the right size. (MAC lippies ARE shaped like bullets after all!)


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Originally Posted by baci
wow mae, awesome idea. Yeah kragey I guess a lipstick holder would be too deep.

I wonder if they make those ammunition holders with bigger holes to hold lipsticks?

I'm sure I've seen someone do this before! I think their case was green.


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I just tested the ammo case I keep for my atomizers, to see if lipsticks fit.

Most of them, including MAC, fit into the slot just fine. (The only exception I found was my CK lippie, which is square and just a little too wide. You can see it sort of sticking out in the back.)


However, they were all just a a few millimeters too tall to close the lid. You can also just remove the lid entirely and use the bottom half alone. The lid will pop off the hinges if you force it.


This case also comes with a little divider liner that fits on top of the slots, that narrows the openings a tad. I removed from the case for the lipsticks, but if you keep it on, you can actually store lipglosses in a sturdy way as well - without the lid, obviously. (Of course, a case for a smaller gauge would probably fit them more snugly, without taking up as much space.)


The size is for a 12 or 20 gauge (up to 3" magnum) - adjustable due to the liner. The one I use is here:

There are a bunch of cases for varying gauge - 12 will fit liglosses, 20 will fit most lipsticks.

There is a stackable, no-lid case for 12 gauge, which might work well if you want to store a whole bunch of glosses in a drawer or something (because it's a really fugly color):

This tray might work if you only have round lippies, and it comes in a range of sizes:


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Mae, you are AWESOME! I ordered a 50-slot 44 caliber case for my perfume samples, which are growing out of control. :X $7.07 on Amazon including shipping!

I may have to try taking the lids off some ammo cases for my lippies in a year or so, just for desktop organization. If I can't find a clear one, I'll just spray paint them black.


I would check out ammunition cases. My husband and I were in the gun store a few weeks ago and I picked some up for my mini pigments from the holiday sets and they work great.


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I've decided to organize the mess that is my perfume samples. I tend to keep them in the cardboard sleeve so I can see what's what but that takes up too much room. My issue is removing the sleeves and just having a bunch of vials that I have to go through each time. Plus I have dupes and I can probably keep those in the sleeve and use them as stocking stuffers if it's not a fragrance I'm keen on. I Googled and saw the ammo boxes, then another search brought me here to good ole Specktra so I had to respond :D. I'm going through organizing my makeup and beauty products so that they're easily accessible. I had stuff in train cases that I didn't want to open, etc. I bought the Ikea Helmer yesterday which is bomb so far. I ordered a huge acrylic organizer from Posh Organizers because they had 40% off and now I'm tackling my perfume and beauty box subscription contents and just samples I get from beauty conventions. It's a lot and overwhelming.
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