SUPER Natural Look for Spring!


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Went to MAC yesterday and splurged on some new Studio Sculpt products (which I love!) I'm going for a more natural look for spring (quick... hide the children!) I know, it's TOTALLY not my style... but I'm going to try it out, and see how I like it!

What I used:

NC20 Studio Sculpt Foundation
NC20 Studio Sculpt Concealer
Prep+Prime Skin
Matte Gel
MSFN Light Medium

MSFN Medium Dark(bronzer)
MSFN Light(highlight)
MSF Petticoat

Eyes:Love Connection Mineral Shadow
Black Dazzlelash

Viva Glam IV Lip Glass





YAY for Spring!

PLEASE let me know what you think of this look! Or if the stronger makeup is better for me! Opinions appreciated!


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I like the natural look, but I love the dramatic ones on you. As a blonde I was jealous cause I thought I couldn´t really pull off dramatic looks like you can.

Simply Elegant

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I think both are nice, but I like the stronger makeup more. That's just me, I like less natural looks in general a bit more.


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I love your natural look AND your bright looks! lol.. I'm not helping, am I?

But I do think that going natural is good sometimes, you look so fresh here!! Love it!


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I really like this look on you. Your brights are great but I think this really suits your new job and the fresh spring feel.


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Originally Posted by PBunnieP
I really like this look on you. Your brights are great but I think this really suits your new job and the fresh spring feel.

That was one of the reasons I decided to switch it up a bit. I can't go into an office-job with blue eyes and pink lips, like I used to be able to do at MAC. I would scare people!!

Let me rephrase, since I DO have blue eyes and pink lips..... I can't go into an office with blue crazy drag eyeshadow and barbie doll plastic pink lips ;-P


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I really like both-sorry I'm no help..the natural looks great for work like you said, but I LOVE your bold looks for after work


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You're gorgeous no matter what you wear! Seriously.
My personal preference would be the stronger looks, but natural is good for a change too.


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i love it!!! i love this! i am going for such natural looks as well. i have seen some really nice color combos using neutral/natural shadows on this wonderful site


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aww it's pretty~ it definitely brings out your natural beauty. but who doesn't love dramatic makeup? hehe love em both!

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