Sweetscents Pigments: Gloryhole Silver Mine (loose color powder)


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Overall 5
Price Value 5
Packaging Quality 5
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Gloryhole Silver Mine is another fascinating color. This one has a warm medium taupe base, with a light purple/blue base as well. The shimmer is very fine silver.

Looks awesome with MAC's Blue Storm pigment. I really love the warm shifting that this color does. It is unlike any pigment I have ever seen in any other line.

If you like neutrals but are looking for something different yet neutral, this is an excellent choice to play around with.

Used wet, the effect is more intense, but still not overwhelming. Used on the lid with MAC's Blue Storm as a contour color, this is a very interesting and beautiful shadowlook.

If this is your first sweetscents review....

If you want to check out these pigments, they are about $2 each for a 10g jar (MAC wants $18.50 for a 7.5g jar) and the quality is as good as MAC in most of the colors.

Go to http://www.sweetscents.com/mica_2.html and look for Mica Pack Combos at the bottom of the page.

Some of the colors that I am reviewing are not on the site yet, it is supposed to be revamped soon. You can talk with the sweetscents lady via phone or email (it is on the site) and tell her that you read my review of the color if you do not see it on the site (she knows me by now since I ask endless questions- I am the artist capri) and that way she will not wonder how you knew about the color.

She will also help you find colors you might like if you tell her what you like or are looking for. That is how I found so many awesome colors. She is a pigment addicts DREAM!