TECHNIQUE FAQ: Pigment uses


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Question: (not sure if this is the right place?) What would be a good brush to apply pigments? It seems like it kinda drops all over the place.. or either I get too much, etc. TIA..


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Oh thank you for the post.
As a new affictionado of MAC, and pigments in particular, this post is excellent on how to use them - I was wondering how I was going to use them.
I am waiting for a few sample in the post, and when they arrive, I am sure I will have a good time playing around and testing and trialling.

Just a question: do eye drops work as well as the MAC agent? or I am better off investing in MAC products for using the pigments?


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Thanks for that! I use pigments as nailpolish and blush all the time as well as eyes but I've never really thought about using pigments in my hair. I might try that! lol


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I tried sprinkling it over nail polish, but I just got globs of it all over the place and wasted quite a bit. However, the pinky ones (Pink Opal) on my lips without any ligloss, only a little petro jelly, looked so beautiful (my lips but better kinda thing)


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Thanks for great information!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for posting this information. It's very helpful for new people like me. You'd covered almost everything about pigment in the post. It's great


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very helpful

Thank you so much for this information . I am still a beginner with make up .I wanted so many times to get and try a pigment from MAC but i was afraid that i will spill it all over me :)))) Now i feel more confident after your advise .
In fact i am going to try one tonight :))
Thank you


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I like to adapt my mascaras to fit my needs by adding MAC pigments and glitters to the mascara. My personal favorite mascara to use for this is Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara. I buy clear mascara and create my own colors from sheer to vibrant depending on how much pigment I add to the mascara, and the pigment never frees itself from the bond of my mascara and falls on my face. Clear mascara paired with pigment(s) and/or glitter(s) also do well as a top coat for any mascara, and add some clump free color and/or shine. I also enjoy using black and brown mascara with pigments and glitters. I receive a deeper color by using them, and it's excellent for any time of the day.


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heroinsheroin, thank you for your post! I have very light eyelashes and can never get a proper color with just the colored mascaras, but your tip gives a chance to be creative with mascaras as well. Awesome!


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it's amazing how many uses there are with the pigments. I dont wear blush now without pigment mixed in. I use apricot pink, deckchair, all girl, pink pearl, ect...the list goes on and on. For my lips I like adding some golden lemon in the middle with a maroonish color lipstick and it looks great


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You can add pigments to loose face powders as well if you have difficulty finding a colour pre packaged to suit you, or maybe just looking for a change. The matte pigments are excellent for this! If you are looking for a nice shimmer just add a frost pigment to the powder instead and it will tint and shimmer your powder up. Great for blushes too, and lips - I find using a sponge tip applicator to apply pigment to lips the best and just add a clear gloss over the top - gorgeous!!

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