The Beast That Shallows Its Young


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YouTube - The Beast That Swallows Its Young

This was a YouTube feature a few days back. While being very catchy and fun to watch, it's got me thinking.

Ever felt like you're stuck in the cycle? You decide you want to go to college to make your life better, so you take out a loan. You complete your degree, and cannot find a job that allows to pay yours bills and your student loans. So you go back to school, take out more loans, finish up... wash, rinse, repeat.

I work in the restaurant industry, and over the years I've met many people with degrees varying from criminal justice to accounting to English that either couldn't find a job in their field, for whatever reason, or that found out after a few years that they just didn't like it anymore.

Or, did you find out after a year or so of college that it just wasn't for you? I did. I always thought I'd love college, and while I did for a time, I started to realize that the secret to good grades is good graces. Staying late and chatting up the professor about whatever seems to interest them is the key. And I don't like it. I'm not going back for a while, I believe. But the debt collectors are already calling.... and did I mention I work in the restaurant industry?

What do you think about the American higher education system?


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I have a bachelors degree in sociology and I do hair. It took me so freaking long to get out of school that I built up a pretty big clientele in the process, I love my job and can't imagine not doing hair. I work at a great salon, my coworkers are fantastic, my customers are wonderful, and I make good money.. I have no complaints. When I don't feel that way anymore, my degree will still be there. I'm glad I got it, even if I'm not using it.

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