The best nude lipstick by MAC, What lip pencil goes well with Myth?

Hello. I really love Myth and Fleshpot. As my skin is on the yellow side I guess Myth is the better option. I apply it lightly with dabbing on the lips and a bit of a pencil.
The problem is husband always says he is not into this dead like lips and thinks I must wear something like Please me for example.

I really hate too colorful lipsticks. I dont even love lipsticks that much.
That is why I love nudes.

I ordered Creme d nude but returned it without testing it. It will be what i dont want - sheer, glossy and slippery...

I just love satin finishes!

Do you love Myth?
What do you think?

For reference, my complexion is like Penelope Cruz on my avatar. Light skin, dark hair, brows, eyes.

What lip pencil goes well with Myth?
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