The Discouraged Lil Artist *pout*


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You guuuuys...okay i know i haven't posted in a while but...i am so discouraged. I'm in a rough patch of life right now and....i can't seem to get my kit together to be ready to freelance on my own. My hours have picked up a TEENY bit at my counter...i'm in a bind right now tho.

Any other artist ever been in this situation? I'm currently looking for other forms of employment too in addition to working at my counter...i had a work injury at my other job and i can't go back to work there bc i'm on light duty...soo...this is really rough right now. But i do desire to actually WORK as a pro artist on my own.


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I'm not a MUA (yet!) but I wanted to wish you the best of luck! When one door closes, another one opens! Hang in there! :bouquet:


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Ugh, been there. Are you a permanent artist or a freelancer? If perm. part time- you are allowed to freelance at counters other than where you work permanently. Or at least up here by me you are. And if you're a freelancer go to other counters, introduce yourself, etc. You'll get more work... you just REALLY have to put yourself out there. What do you need for your kit? I personally use PLW concealer as my concealer and foundation in mine. Saved a ton of money. Thin it out with moisturizer if need be for foundation. Hope that helped.

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