The latest cake to come out of my kitchen...


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My boyfriend's friend Mark turned 41 on Saturday, and is also a big skateboarder, so I made him a skateboard themed birthday cake (skateboard upside down, so its wheels are up laying on grass), which is 100% edible.

The bottom part is a 2 layer chocolate cake with chocolate filling, the skateboard cake is a one layer yellow cake covered in chocolate icing, and then covered with fondant.

The trucks (things that hold the wheels on a skateboard) are made from Pastillage, which is a sugar dough made from gelatin, powdered sugar, water, and cream of tarter, and dries to porcelain hardness. this is painted with edible silver powder mixed with almond extract. Wood grain was painted on with a pastry brush lightly dampened with extract, then dipped in gel food coloring. The wheels are gas station donuts (Hostess) covered with grey fondant..

The cake was a HUGE success, and Mark kept talking about it all night.. YAY!!

On to the pix...

View from the top:

View from the side:

After a bunch of old skateboarders dove in...

The baker after 7 hours of being in the kitchen, what you cant see are her gnarled claws of hands from piping all that damn grass.


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That's so cool! I love baking, but I can't do stuff like that. This reminds of those cake shows they give on tv, I love seeing stuff like this. It's really creative


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Sometimes I don't know what I'm getting into when I start these cakes. lol halfway through I usually B***H and moan that I should've done a normal cake, and how Im never doing a cake like this again. lol

Holy Rapture

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Originally Posted by coachkitten
That is so cool! You are super talented! I can barely bake a normal cake let alone one that cool.

You are awesome! I've made a cake only once all my life (for my best friend's b'day) and even though it was yummy, I don't think I'm baking again


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Originally Posted by SparklingWaves
I want a piece, but I wouldn't want to cut it.

The guy the cake was for didn't want to either, he joked about shellacking it and keeping it. :p

Originally Posted by nunu
Wow, you should open your own bussiness!! That cake looks so yummy!!

I have been considering it- just that group of people has expressed their interest in having me make cakes for their occasions, and a few said I should put some pictures of the cakes that I've done up at the local skateboard shops and sell the cakes!

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