The NEW official Specktra swatch request thread!


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Re: Deep truth vs Flashtrack

Originally Posted by homaigod
Re: Deep truth vs Flashtrack
Thanks in advance girls, coz i really don't know which one to take between those 2.


I posted this same in picture in another thread some time ago so here it is again:

l-r: Azreal Blue, Belle Azure, Steel Blue, Teal, Blue Storm, Deep Truth, Flashtrack

Hope that helps!


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Eyeshadow swatches/beige/peach

I really need some neutral swatches of shadows-i have enough pigments I need shadows for travel-TIA!


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MAC Lipstick Swatches please?

Could anyone swatch the following MAC lipsticks for me? Either on lips or hand/arm etc. would be wonderful.

Girl About Town


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I miss my Tantress - Glama Ray dupe?


This might be a long shot but does anyone have Glama Ray (Tantress) that they could swatch with similar colors? Glama Ray, Earthly Delight, and Goldbit are my HG colors and I'm running low. Help!!

It's a warm brownish tan orangey lustre. It looks kind of similar to mythology but less pink.


Here's a pic of GLAMA RAY with some other colors. The match has yet to be found!!!

orange, amber lights, mythology, GLAMA RAY, copper sparkle, expensive pink
romp, ?, ?, EARTHLY DELIGHT, chocolate brown, ?, embark
(forgot the order - b-rich, antiqued, bronze I think)


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Re: Would someone please swatch on their eye a perfect grey?

Originally Posted by ~Coco~
Ok how about a swatch of Swanlake , Print & Silver Ring? I would love to see them actually on eyes if anyone would be so helpful to do that!!



i can't do proper FOTDs past my bedtime, but i'm tryin demmit.. :p
here are some grey swatches. I don't have Silver Ring, but I can compare Swan Lake to Anti-Establishment to Print.

without flash

swatch on eyes

I like Print to smoke out the outer corners, because it isnt as harsh as Carbon, the texture is better too. Anti Establishment and Swan Lake are *very* close, Swan Lake has a tinge more silver/blue, Anti Establishment is slightly more metallic and makes it look darker. Both are frosts.


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Festivity and Strange hybrid lipstick

Anyone has got swatches of both this lipstick together? They look similar.



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Ok, I know it hasn't even been released yet. . . but I'd LOVE to see swatches of:

-Fertile (LE w/ Strange Hybrid) vs. Shadowy Lady (perm)

-Festivity (Balloonacy) vs. Curtsy (Danse) vs. Strange Hybrid (all LE)

Also. . .
-Blushes: Fab vs. Flirt and Tease vs. Plum Foolery

eulchen- I'm working on the greensmoke and golders green with juxt and swimming request
I just need a day to go upload the pictures (I don't have a hookup at my apt. yet)


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could anybody please swatch me nightlight with greensmoke and golders green with juxt and swimming? thanks!


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hey , can someone plz swatch silver MAC eyeshadows? and also nocturnelle eyeshadow w/ the purple eyeshadow from strange hybrid? thank you


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Can someone please make a comparison swatch of MAC Club versus Too Faced Label Whore? I'd prefer it swatched on the wrist or hand, not on the eye.

ETA: As above, but can someone make a comparison swatch of Floral Fantasy (Strange Hybrid) versus Endless Love (Diana Ross, Nocturnelle). Thank you!


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Re: The NEW official Specktra swatch thread! Hard to Please vs. Trousseau

Could someone please post swatches of Hard to Please (beau & tempt me quads) vs. Trousseau (boudoir hues quad)?

Or simply a color that is very similar to Hard to please? It is one of my favorites.


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Could someone please swatch the colors from the Summerwear and Sweet Tea Quads (on skin, and skin of color preferably, but anything really) Thanx!


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Originally Posted by Kiwi Girlie
Can anyone please swatch some swatches of light pink and neutral Lipglasses and lipsticks.

Thanks in advance

Here's a starter:

Bombshell, Politely Pink and Classical lipstick swatched on the inside wrist with NW15 concealer as a base.

I'll sort out my giant collection of ultra-pale pink and neutral lipsticks tomorrow and do a giant swatch.