THERE'S LEAD IN MY LIPSTICK (and yours too)!!!


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I found this out not long ago but I wanted to get the word out as soon as possible. 33 popular lipstick brands were tested in 2009 by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the results have finally been published. It is absolutely ASTOUNDING because so many of the popular lipsticks we rant and rave about are on this list. L'oreal is the producer of the top 10 most lead-contaminated brands of lipsticks. Brands that are contaminated include: 1. Estee Lauder 2. MAC 3. Clinique 4. Wet n Wild 5. Dior 6. Benefit 7. Maybelline 8. Cover Girl 9. Revlon 10. Mary Kay 11. Bobbi Brown 12. NARS 13. Avon 14. Shiseido 15. Clarins 16. Chanel 17. Rimmel 18. Burt's Bees 19. Elizabeth Arden 20. Almay 16. ...and many many more With that said, I don't think ALL lipsticks from each of these brands are contaminated with lead. In this list, you can check for the specific shade(s) that are contaminated. Just to throw a few out there, some of the lipsticks on the very very extensive list include MAC Angel, Clinique Black Honey, MAC Lady Danger, MAC Red, MAC Viva Glam I, MAC Show Orchid, Maybelline Nearly There. I'm listing a lot of MAC lippies not because I'm picking on them, but because MAC is probably the most talked about brand in the blogging world. So what does this all mean? Research shows that there is no safe level of lead, and yet the FDA claims that there is no concern for the level of lead in lipsticks. In fact, the FDA does not have a limit on lead in cosmetics and have never been very restrictive on beauty products in general. At the very least, however, cosmetic companies should be REQUIRED to list ALL their ingredients on he label, which they currently are not. Here are the lead-contaminated lippies (that I know of) that I dug out of my own personal collection:
Wet n Wild Red Velvet, L'oreal Undeniably Mauve, Maybelline Madison Mauve, and Maybelline Mauve Me.

I haven't decided what to do with these lipsticks yet. I originally wanted to throw them out immediately, but I wonder what good it would actually do me. All cosmetics that are not organic and natural are probably bad for us in one way or another, and all the food we eat is also processed and contaminated to some point as well. With that said, I don't think that this makes it okay for there to be lead in our lipsticks in the first place. You see how I'm bouncing back and forth here?

In any case, I wanted to put the facts out there and let you all decide for yourself what to do about the lipsticks. I think one thing we can all agree on is that there should not be lead in our lipsticks to begin with, so we can email or facebook message many of the companies listed about lowering or eliminated the lead in lipsticks.

If you would like to read more about lead in lipsticks and see the extended list of lipsticks tested, please check out these very helpful and informational sites:


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how much lead is actually in the lipstick tho? is it enough to kill you after prolonged use?
I think its a gimmick by companies that sell organic products. While there are no "safe" levels of lead in products, there are ways to detect lead levels in the blood. It would not be hard to get a lead level to see if using lipstick makes the lead level go up.


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Hi sugarbumpkin! The email you've received is one that has been doing the rounds for years... Even longer than the study has been around. I advise that you read this thread as it covers off the email and the claims made in the study with actual numbers to put it in perspective. While the EWG have quite a good aim, at times they are just as sensationalist as other media. Everyone has to make their own decisions in regards to this issue, but if you're going to stop using lipstick containing these dyes for this reason then I'd urge you to also research and stop eating any foods that contain these dyes also.


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wow, I often feel guilty for using makeup, especially now with all the campaigning about toxicity in cosmetics. I do not trust the FDA, but at the same time I take everything everyone (ewg)says with a grain of salt. Most "natural" makeup you would find in a natural health store, isn't exactly natural, and there is no way of knowing which beauty product is actually safe, since there are no regulations, forcing the cosmetics companies (natural or not) to list ingredients.


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Sigh. The amount of lead in lipstick is extremely minimal and not enough to do anything to us. There's higher %s in things like water and whatnot.


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Don't forget arsenic and a bevy of other junk and neurotoxins galore. Check out this website you can search brands, items etc:


I have invested way too much in my personal kit to throw items out due to health concerns, silly I know but I can't trash my MAC because it's dangerous.
Everything else is killing us as well so what's the point.


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(Two months later...) Ugh, EWG. IMO, their main goal is to scare us away from any and all makeup while they line their pockets to further their fearmongering-with-no-science agenda. They make me very stabby. This whole lead in lipstick thing is nothing new, guys. A better source regarding cosmetic ingredients and what they're used for/their safety/that sort of thing...