this certain eyeshadow i dont know what it is


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here is the picture of the eyeshadow i saw on ebay and here is the link i was wondering what is this eyeshadow the name of it or where i can get it other than ebay


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I did a little sleuthing (and backward reading), and it's a Color Song Cheek Wave blusher from Vov Cosmetics. I found a Russian website for them, though I'm not sure it's a Russian company. If you go here

It looks close to the second color selection on the page, but not exactly. Rather pretty, and the other colors are nice, too.

Looks like to me they are sold in Russia and East Asia--and apparently on eBay. HTH and good luck!

UPDATE: it is a Korean company. Here are more pics of the blushers.


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thanks so much, i guess i would have to make a ebay account and get this product since i do love the colors thanks alot for the website, even though it is in russian, but ill probley buy it off of ebay.

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