Tiny Little Haul (Plus the Colour Craft/Permanent stuff I got last week)


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So.....Today I found a few things I wanted on All Cosmetics Wholesale. Which I have bought from before (and they are legit)

I got

Silly Goose E/S
Who's That Lady? Lipgelee
Softnote Tendertone
And, the 129 SE. So, I could get a good blush brush.

And....Last week I bought, and already received

Girlish Romp MES
Natural Flare MES
Margin Blush
Viva Glam VI SE L/G
Pro Pan of Electra E/S



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Nice haul! I've been wanting to purchase some things off of All Whole Sale Cosmetics. I think I will after my huge haul from Love That Look.


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wat do u think of the 129 se brush from all cosmetics wholesale - not very impressed with it for some reason...wat r ur htoughts bout it? nice haul!


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It came out with the veluxe collection in I believe 2002 or 2003. It's listed by MAC as 'head trip chartreuse'


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Just received the ACW stuff. Love the brush. It's so soft.

Silly Goose's production date is A73. It is currently the oldest produced item I have in my collection.

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