TKB Micas + Kryolan Eyeliner Sealer (pix, haul, review)


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This is my shoebox full of TKB Trading mica samples.


These are the spillovers––the greens and the pale pink/flesh shades.


This is Kryolan's eyeliner sealer (bottle reads "CEL SEALER"), which I just received from


This is a small, lightweight metal palette I use to mix up glitter glue, OCC lip tars, and eyeliner


This pic doesn't really do the difference in application techniques justice. The top is just mica brushed on to skin, no base. The bottom is with a dab of mica mixed with two drops of the eyeliner sealer. The result is a VERY smooth foiled, velvety sheen that is waterproof.

This is just a mega-quick review. I received my micas from TKB several weeks ago and have been applying them onto cream bases and UDPP, mixing them into lip tars to create shimmery lip gloss, etc. I ordered a complete set of all their micas and pigments and dyes (around 250 enormous samples...some baggies would overflow a MAC pigment jar), and their customer service department was very helpful and responded immediately to every request I had. I don't know if you can tell from the pics, but I have a complete rainbow of colors in all finishes––finest-milled satin mica, rougher "natural glitter" mica, and all kinds of colors in duochrome, straight monochrome, and crazy color-shift colors. I have a few water- and oil-dispersible dyes, lake dyes, etc., which I don't use for direct application. I do, however, use the iron oxides and other matte, flat pigments as matte color directly on my skin. There are even day-glo/neon shades included.

I also concurrently bought a full set of Coastal Scents micas. Their samples are cheaper by about twenty to fifty cents, but also are much smaller, and all their colors can be found in the TKB collection. I spent $85 on the CS set and around $250 on the TKB set and I think the TKB is more satisfying to me since I'm a total hoarder/collector, whereas the CS is a GREAT and huge introductory set with a great range of colors. (Psst, I am selling the CS samples since I don't need them, in the sale section!)

Today I decided to try out my Kryolan eyeliner sealer. I'm sure this is similar to mixing MAC pigment into MAC's eyeliner mixing medium, but I don't use either of those products so I can't say for sure.

The sealer has a slightly alcohol-y after-burn, but all in all it seems very safe and is very, very water-resistant once dry. It's $8 a bottle and is one of my favorite things that I have EVER received from danceshopper.

I also received many, many, many Kryolan eyeshadows in the mail, so I will be posting pics very soon!

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