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The big 50 L&B set !
I can't get it to work and now your link isn't working for me. I don't know what's up? Strange.

Sugar & Spice

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Yep this is exactly why I've not been interested or purchased any boys. My SA already told me a lot of the boys would be duplicates.


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I'm not interested in any of these lips and boys. Don't really care for the finish or any of the colors. Couple that with the rancid issues and that doesn't spell good bedfellows.

Wake me up when they introduce more mattes.
Those are worth a risk.


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Oh, who here also like Venetian Bergamot? Mmmmmm, love the smell!

Love it, but my mother is deathly allergic to something in it. Like, get out of the room and take a shower to get that off of you allergic. We've been spending a lot of time together lately, so I wouldn't want to buy it. Plus, my home is too small to hide it from her without making her sick!


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I have 10 little boy's sitting in the orphanage waiting to come home to me.....yes, one is a Noah...Liam. I own Liam now, and it is my go to purple. So I need a backup.

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