Tom Ford Swatches


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Thanks for the swatch as this is the one I'm wanting to order it's so beautiful and now this will be the most expensive lipstick I own
*~*If your order this, do you mind posting a swatch of it? I just got Coco Ravish, and I'm wondering if Sable Smoke will work for me. Thanks!! :) *~*


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Sable Smoke Lipstick

Oh heck, I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself now that I've seen this! I've been dreaming of owning a TF lipstick ever since they first came out. I'm immediately drawn to True Coral because I love corals but lately I've been in a very nude mood and now that I've seen Sable Smoke this might be the one! I can only buy one at a time at the $45 price tag! One of them will have to wait!
Thank you for the swatches, Soco210!

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