top mac brushes, why and what you use them for


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hey, im going to get some more mac brushes soon

i have a few already but i just wanted to know your favourites, and why, and especially all the different things you can use them for

which ones couldnt you live with out!!

i would especially like to know what is best for blush and powders, like something really soft too


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the ones i use regularly are:
- 130 or 109 for foundation
- 129 for powder
- 2x 187's - one for bronzer, one for blush
- 239 for e/s
- 188 for highlighting on the face
- 217 for a defined crease
-222 for a softer crease
- 224 for blending e/s to brow
- 219 for lower lashline if i am doing a smokey look

wow i use alot of brushes!

hope that helps!

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