Totally lost, where to start? Skincare routine knowledge: lvl 0?


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Ok, I'll be the first to admit: I can't make up or do my hair really nice aside from a few swipes with a straightening iron. Makeup and beauty routines were never on my radar until I decided I didn't like how I appeared in photos and would like to look better for my fiance. I know the basics...well, at least I think I know the basics.

I've been battling acne all my life and I've been trying to change up my lifestyle--I see beauty guru's talk about routines for their flawless skin and I won't lie: I'm a bit jealous but grossly uneducated in the matter. I'm aware every single person's face and chemical make up is different and a lot of it is trial and error to see what works for you but I'd like to see what others have found in theirs journies.

How do you start off your day and night routines? Do you have specific products you like to use? Do you have any you avoid because it's all hype and no substance?
What are some tips and tricks you've found that works for you?