Travelling with Makeup Collection


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Hi there

I'm going to be flying from the UK to Canada with my makeup collection, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips so that I can make sure it arrives in one piece?

If it were a few years ago, before all the new security measures, I would have wanted to take it as carry-on (So it would be safe, LOL!), but I'd imagine that will not be possible anymore.

When I've flown in the past, I've just packed my stuff in checked luggage, and I've had quad cases crack etc... so any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!



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I'd put all your liquids and semi liquids into a seperate case maybe or just mail it to where you're staying and take your powders and solids with you as carry on, just in case!


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Powders/eyeshadows, brushes etc should be fine as carry on luggage. You can bring up to 1 litre of liquids in a clear plastic bag but no container can be more than 100ml. Also, the bag has to be a certain size (around the size of a sandwich ziploc bag - I think 20cm x 20cm).

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