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*Tutorial REQUEST Thread* (all request go here)

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Hi i was wondering if anyone would like to volunteer on making a tutorial especially for me and people like me. I've never got the hang of applying fondation properly and wanted to know if anyone could show me the ways of applying liquid or other foundation for a smooth even tone look!


ps: i know tutorials take a lot of time and effort so i know what i'm asking is a bit much but it would be a really helpful favor if anyone could do this for me!


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Request- Paints please

I am really interested in the paints but i have no idea how to use them and dont have time to go in and take a little lessen. Can someone please do a tutorial on them.
please, please : D


me too...

I think you read my mind i was about to ask the same thing i just received bare canvas andi wanted to try it out but my pigment doesnt stick to it so does that mean i should stick to my cream base?


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Request for a bridal look tutorial

Bridal makeup needs a whole new way of thinking and applying and lots of things have to be taken into consideration. A tutorial would be great, Jeanna's done a great bridal FOTD recently but i don't want to pressure her so anyone who knows their stuff, it would be much appreciated if you made a tutorial.


If someone could do a tutorial on this, I would love it <3

I saw this girl's eyeshadow on myspace.com's Mac Addicts group, & i would LOVE to know how to do this... I'm very amature when it comes to applying eyemakeup, so please someone, help me out?


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I'd also love to see someone on here do a wedding inspired look, that would be amazing (also not getting married )


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I'd LOVE to see a tutorial on Pretty Kitty's newest FOTD using the Olive pallette. It looks stunning and i'm planning on getting that pallette.
But i realise she's really busy so i don't want to put pressure on her.
Any other people who have the Olive pallette i'd love to see them do a tutorial too. Sugar Ash is another one that made a stunning FOTD with it.

Oh and i think it goes without saying that we all want Jude to make lots of tutorials forever! Heehee!

Christina Victoria

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I would love to see a tutorial on any of Masuimi Max's photoshoots. In some, her makeup is done really amazingly. I also love her look.

Any Vogue/High Fashion (Yet tones down enough to wear daily) would also be wonderful. I love the Chic-Casual look.



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I would love to see a blending tutorial, I've searched for one but putting 'blending' in brings up almost every thread on here!! LOL

Everyone on here seems to be an expert blender and I have no idea how you guys do it. All my colours seem to smudge together and look relly muddy with no defination between them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Can someone show me a look using "Artjam" paint? I have it but I have no idea what to do with it and I'd like some ideas, thanks!!!


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Tutorial Request!!

I have seen a few girls with eye make-up like this and think it looks gorgeous!! If anyone would be able to do a tutorial, explain how they got this effect or just say which products could get this look? It would be sooo helpful!! Thanks in advance!! xxxxx





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i just felt liek commenting but taht makeup is outrageous i wish i culd do mine liek taht
i hope someone can make a tuturuial



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Fun Fun Fun


I think any of these looks would be fun to try!

Top Left pic has been done by VV...any takers for the other ones?


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I would like to know how ppl get liner on the waterline (bottom lash line). I've tries every kind of liner & it doesn't even go on because of the moisture.


Originally Posted by glamella
I would like to know how ppl get liner on the waterline (bottom lash line). I've tries every kind of liner & it doesn't even go on because of the moisture.

Dior Aquadior Black does it for me. We can't get it Australia though but I got it once on Strawberrynet but it hasn't been on again since.


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Can someone please do a tutorial for a vibrant green eye and also another using purples? If possible, explain your blending technique. I think this is my problem area. Thanks
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