Twisted Wonderland shoot


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I did a photo shoot back in March of a Alice in Wonderland/Clockwork Orange on acid kind of idea. Actually the story was written by a drug addict anyway, but this is a little more twisted.
I was the March Hare so we put my platinum blonde mohawk up in what looked like bunny ears, haha. This was a really long shoot that we did in the freezing rain while I was suffering from a horrible stomach virus. The whole time I kept looking around to see which bushes I could puke in and by the time I left I needed help starting my car because I couldn't feel my fingers. Considering the effort put into it, I'm really hoping they finish the rest and post them asap!
Here are the few that I have





I threw up on the way there so my make up ran a little and I told them to let me do my own damn make up next time because I was NOT impressed! haha