Two Year Anniversary FOTD


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Today is the day that two years ago, Justin asked me to be his girlfriend. <3 So he is taking me to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and his mom is coming over to watch Cecilia. I got all dressed up and did my makeup and stuff. My eyebrows have NEVER looked better. After I was finished, I showed Justin and he got all speechless and staring and stuff.

I used:

Loreal Visible Lift Firming Foundation in Soft Ivory
MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC15
MAC Beijing Shadestick
MAC Lovestone Mineralised Eyeshadow
MAC Cloudbound Eyeshadow
MAC Idol Eyes Eyeshadow
MAC Brow Shader in Porcelaine/Browning
Maybelline Unstoppable Liner in Onyx
Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara in Black
MAC Afterdusk Blush
Lip Smackers Lip Sparkler in Vanilla Frosting [Justin loves this one. Yum!]



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Congratulations on the anniversary! You look gorgeous, as always! I loooove that last picture, too!!

Have fun at the movies.


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congrats! your make up is beautiful, all glowy...LOVE IT!!

I ADOREE your eyebrows....they're so great. The shape is so classic and tasteful.


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Originally Posted by ductapemyheartt
you have gorgeous brows, dahlin!

I'm super proud of my brows! Thanks! Ever since I got the brow shader, I've been sooo happy.

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