Uncle Bud's Face Mask Gift Sets


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Save over 25% with this Hemp Renewing Face Mask Kit & Hemp Hydrating Face Mask Kit combination. Uncle Bud’s Hemp Face Mask Kit Duo includes 10 hemp infused clay face masks! https://www.unclebudshemp.com/product/hemp-face-mask-kit-duo/

Product Description:

Face Mask Kit Includes 5 x Renewing Hemp Face Masks:

• Hemp Rose Water Face Mask
• Hemp Moisturizing Rice Milk Face Mask
• Hemp Matcha Anti-Aging Face Mask
• Hemp Vitamin C with Tibetan Seabearry Face Mask
• Hemp AHA Exfoliating Face Mask

Face Mask Kit Includes 5 x Hydrating Hemp Face Masks:

• Hemp Aloe Soothing Face Mask
• Hemp Hydrating Pomegranate Mask
• Hemp Relax Me with Lavender Face Mask
• Hemp Pink Clay Face Mask
• Hemp Purifying Tea Tree Face Mask


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