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Miss Bud’s Hemp Feminine Balm

Infused with hemp seed oil, this balm is specially formulated to help soothe irritation in your most sensitive areas. Additionally, the unique time-release formula ensures that you stay deodorized all day long.

Unclebudshemp.com, $17.99


Miss Bud’s Hemp Feminine Wash
Dry skin down there will be a thing of the past with this wash, which is made from a mixture of hemp seed oil and other moisturizing ingredients! Made specifically to balance PH levels in intimate areas while also acting as a cleanser, leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

Unclebudshemp.com, $11.99


Miss Bud’s Hemp Feminine Vaginal Cream

Stay fresh all day with this cream made from hemp seed oil, collagen, chamomile, and Vitamin E! Bonus- while it restores your PH balance it also moisturizes and rejuvenates your most sensitive, intimate areas.

Unclebudshemp.com, $14.99


Uncle Bud’s CBD Lubricant

This tangerine scented lubricant, which is infused with 60mg of CBD, is a staple for kicking up your sexual wellness. It is water based and infused with both CBD and hemp seed oil, setting you up for the most pleasurable experience possible.

Unclebudshemp.com, $15.99


Uncle Bud’s Massage & Body Oil

Bring a spa worthy massage home with this CBD massage and body oil! This quick absorbing, coconut scented formula is meant to deeply moisturize skin, leaving it glowing and hydrated

Unclebudshemp.com, $17.99


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