Urban Decay Lipsticks are Back!


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The long-awaited return of UD Lipsticks:

Lipstick - 5150 - Coral Lipstick - UrbanDecay.com

They're certainly not cheap, but if they're as good as everyone says they used to be, I'm gonna have to pick up a couple.


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Oh damn! Thanks for telling me. The packaging already sold me. Does Sephora have them yet? I must have!

edit: damn I just noticed the price lol $22 >__< I was hoping to get a few too. Should probably limit myself to 3...


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I must have Hotpants, Jilted, 5150, and Indecent! I will pick some up next time ULTA sends me a 20% off coupon because the colours look great, and they are all vegan-friendly.


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The packaging is terrible. I don't want that stupid sword sticking out. I haven't seen these in person, but from the pictures, it looks like a cheap, clear plastic case. The old lipsticks had much better cases.

Love Always Ivy

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the packaging i think is cute. theyre trying to do like the Givenchy and Dior type case.

i dont think the lipstick is too expensive, then again my entire lipstick collection is NARS and Smashbox, which are the same price range if not more


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I will definitely buy 2 or 3. I love the purple case, it's my favorite color. I don't even wear lipstick but I've been meaning to start- might as well be from one of my favorite brands.


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Funny I found an old gash lipstick in my stash last week and I wished UD would make it again... and now Gash is back! i hope its the same color as the old one.. it does have abit of a different description thou..
Cant wait to check it out.


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SO HAPPY! ...Although I'll be waiting for their next Friends and Family 30% off discount (which happens so rarely, but is definitely worth it) before I load up on these babies. I'm so glad they're back!!

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