vanilla vs blanc type vs yogurt


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best "plain" matte shade for all over the eyelid. any tips advice or feelings about these 3 colors would be greatly appreciated!!


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I only have Blanc Type and i love that colour! I use it everyday as a highlighter. I'm NC15 and it's just a tad bit lighter than my skintone, it's also really pigmented and it has a great texture. I think it will work great all over the lid.

Amber Dawn

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I only have Vanilla, and I've only used it twice, but I like it. I think it's good to cover my veins on my eyelids and give me a good neutral base.


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I don't have Yogurt but I have both Blanc Type and Vanilla, and they are completely different. Blanc Type is completely matte while Vanilla has a ton of shimmer in it --- applying Vanilla almost gives me a chrome effect.


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I have all three. Yogurt I use the least, it seems to lean a bit more ashy on me. I use Vanilla when I've got more of a matte look that needs some pop and Blanc Type when I have a lot of sparkle and want a simple highlight. Of the 3 Blanc Type is definitely my favorite. Hope this helps.


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I have all 3 also -- Yogurt has a slight pink tint to it. I rarely use that shade. I use Blanc Type all of the time for a brow highlight. I also use Vanilla quite a bit for a brow highlight and the duct area. As someone posted above, Vanilla has shimmer and Blanc Type is matte. Mylar has a more golden cast to it. I love Bisque for a lid shade (with Wedge in the crease) and Blanc Type and Vanilla to highlight. Just depends on your skin tone.

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