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Very simple Eyeliner tut [link]


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I did this tut for a friend of mine (as a request) but I wanted to share it with you.

Eyeliner application tut

Hope some of you find it useful



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thanks!! although, i know how to line everything. except, i don't tightline ... eeks! but, you look relaxed, so i might give it a go!!! =]] and, i always use black to line my eyes. i think i'll try brown [i have blue eyes] and see how much better i feel with that =]


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Hi Breathless

Thank you hun-yeah, I did this for a freind who wasn't sure how to apply eyeliner, she'd asked me to do a tut to show her...

Let me know what you think of the brown?! xx


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Thanks for sharing I hate putting on eyeliner its hard to get a straight line and even for both sides


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Thanks NaturallyMe and erica 1020!
I'm really pleased that you both found it useful :yay:

Someone commented on my blog suggesting I use a different colour which I think it a really good idea, unfortunately my beloved chanel does seem to come out really dark on me
I'm going to get a really nice mid tone brown liner I think...



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Great tutorial!

I would hesitate to call step 8 tightlining as your images illustrate simply lining the waterline. Tightlining is usually viewed as a technique using a small dense brush to gently push the liner into the space between lashes and the membrane of the waterline. When the tightlining technique is performed properly you won't be able to see the sliver of space between the lashes and the lined waterline as you can in this image from the tutorial.


My apologies for the technicality, it's just alot of people who are new to makeup view these tutorials and might become confused as to proper technique.

Thanks for sharing your tutorial contributions!


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No, don't worry, I appreciate the feed back, thank you! I don't use a brush, but yes, I agree it doesn't look 'tight' enough....time to buy a new eye pencil, I reckon

I shall go and edit now...


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