Very strange pigment colours


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I have a feeling these are more fakes, pigments in 'Lilac' 'Sandy' and 'Charcoal'


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i really couldnt tell
it just seems like some really poor quality photos
taken maybe by a web cam

im not expert but you can always ask the seller for more pictures of specific areas if you are thinking about buying the pigments if its the real deal im shure theyll have no problem with sending them to you.


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I dont know. I would say probably fake though, theres not shade name, the 'sandy' etc is just the seller discribing the colour.


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Well, if you look at the box closely, you'll see on top the sticker.
But the sticker looks like it says A21. Which we all know, that sticker should be on the bottom of the pigment jar with the color name.
But if this was made in 2001 - it is a very very old piggie. And some of the old pigments do have differences in the appearance of the stickers. So...
All I can say is I have no clue if this is fake!

I was a lot of help huh??

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