virgin and confused


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I was 22, so you're not alone. If it's not right, it's not right. I wouldn't get together with someone you don't love just to get it over with. On the other hand, don't make it so huge in your head that it's gotta be like the movies or something. Believe me, it most often isn't. You'll know when it's the right time (or person) for you. Don't feel pressured by what other people may or may not think of your decision.

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I don't think you should be in any rush to lose your virginity. I know girls who have just rushed into it and had sex just for the sake of it, and they regret not waiting. Your first time (at least) should be with someone who have strong feelings for. It'll be far more special. Sex deepens your connection with someone in a way that's hard to explain. And if you wait until it's with the right person, it's more likely to be an enjoyable experience. Being nervous and uncomfortable with someone makes sex harder (and more painful if it's your first time).

When I first tried to have sex, like you it didn't work. I wasn't relaxed enough for it to happen. The way I see it, it was just my body's way of telling me to wait. It did happen (with the same guy actually), but not until a few months later when I was happy and in love. And even though we ended on a very bad note, I still don't regret losing it to him, because, at the time, I really thought he was the one.

Take your time. I'm sure you'll find Mr Right soon enough


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i dont think its weird at all! or bad even
if anything, i think its lovely! I respect people who don't rush out to have sex just because their friends do
if i never had a boyfriend (ive had 2 since the age of 15) i think i would be one too

I have friends who are virgins and some are abit younger, some abit older

Just dont worry about it


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Its not even close to bad.

Lets trade because I wish I had waited til I was in love at least.

At this point I feel like thats the only reason you should do it.

In the end if you wait until its really right I think you'll realize what a great decision it was.

Best wishes!


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i think it's better to hold out

virginity isn't something bad that you have to quickly get rid of.
as long as you feel comfortable and willing to give yourself to somebody, age has nothing to do with it.


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There is nothing wrong at all with not being sexually active at your age! I wish I would've waited! I never thought I would say that I regretted losing it when I did, I was so hyped up to "do it" (you know) but looking back on it after it happened, I would give ANYTHING to take it back to have lost it to someone that I loved and they loved me in return.


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Definitely wait. Trust me, sex is something that you want to wait for. I always said I was going to wait until marriage, but life does throw curveballs at you, and I'd been hooking up with the guy for a good amount of time so in a way, even though I will regret it in a few years time, losing it to him, I knew that I could not hold out any longer. You only lose it once. Make it count-to be quite honest, if the person doesn't turn you on and make you go weak when you see him, then they aren't worthy of you. It's no fun when it's just physical. A lot of it is in your head and heart as well, so any random dude will just not do.


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Donnnnnnt do it! In high school I was the only virgin outta my friends and they used to harsh make fun of me all the time. I felt pressured and I lost it to a guy that I didnt love and cheated on me with my best friends at the time. I felt soooo shitty about myself and didnt do anything with any other guy until 2 years later when I was 19. Then I slept with a guy I really cared about and we were together for 2 1/2 years and are thinking about getting back together. I wish I woulda lost it to him! Yeah and all those friends who made fun of me in high school... they are all at 20 guys where as Im at 2
I find having a smaller number way more desirable and most guys would agree with me! I think being a virgin at 20 is a great feat! its tough in a sex filled world and I think you should be proud of yourself! Not ashamed

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I'm not a complete believer in only having sex with people you love, but I think you need to do what's comfortable for you.

I think losing your virginity because you're "old" isn't a good reason. You should have sex because you want to, not because of some notion like that


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Don't do it just to do it, do it because you are absolutely crazy about the guy and you can't stand the thought of NOT having sex with him, that just being close to him makes your head spinny. When you're ready you're ready, it's very personal... but my personal feeling is that its not worth rushing into and its definately not worth just doing it to 'do it'.


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Originally Posted by NicksWifey
There is nothing wrong at all with not being sexually active at your age! I wish I would've waited! I never thought I would say that I regretted losing it when I did, I was so hyped up to "do it" (you know) but looking back on it after it happened, I would give ANYTHING to take it back to have lost it to someone that I loved and they loved me in return.

i completely agree


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I was 20, so it's not weird or bad or anything like that, it's just you! When you're ready and you're with the right person for you there won't be any question at all, definitely don't rush it along. It's only weird if you make it weird, I promise it's not a big deal at all and it just shows your maturity to wait for when you're comfortable.

Also I didn't ever think about it like I was "losing" my virginity, I thought about it like I was giving my partner the gift of it, in a show of trust.


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a great mind once told me to never 'give it up' because when you're a virgin-boys are on you like 'flies on shit'
i will pass that gem of wisdom onto you!
needless to say i lost my virginity at 16 to guy i was in love with and still consider him a great friend.


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don't rush it. when the time is right, you'll know.

i lost mine to someone i didn't love (though i thought i did) and he didn't love me either. i'm not saying i made a mistake or that i regret it, because i learned from it. i think the timing was right for me, nobody pushed me to do it. it was my choice and i feel like i made the right one, because the timing felt right to me.


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I would just let time take its course. Theres absoutely no need to rush, espeically if your heart wants your first time to be with somebody special. In my personal experience i was a few days shy of 17 and it was with my bf of just 3 months at the time and let me tell you, it only lasted like 4 minutes of his body seziuring on top of mine lol... Who cares if all your friends are doing it, you dont need to jump off a cliff if they all do it as well.


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I strongly advise you to wait till you feel ready for it. I lost mine when I was 18, but I really loved the person I was with even though we're not together anymore but it really was special. So I have no regrets.

Plus, sad to say, but true: you will remember the person you had it with the first time with. lol. So yeah, make sure that you're ready for it.


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There is nothing wrong with waiting till you find the right person. You have to be ready both emotionally and physically. When that happens then you will know you are ready