Waiting, waiting, waiting


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So, I happened to refresh MAC's UK website yesterday just as the Hello Kitty collection went live. I immediately made a huge order, got my confirmation email at the same time as my notification email telling that it had gone on the website haha.

Then last night I placed another order for a couple other things I wasn't sure whether to buy or not (like the glitter liners and big vanity case). So exciting. My order consists of one of EVERYTHING except the charm bracelet, the plushie, and the tote bag - and two of the Pink Fish lip conditioner.

Well today at lunchtime I checked my mobile phone and I had a missed call from an unknown number at 10:30 this morning, and a voicemail. Called voicemail and it was someone from MAC Online's customer support team saying she needed to talk to me about my order and that it wouldn't be released until I'd spoken to her. Immediately I started thinking, oh god she's going to tell me something's sold out - even though I know I was one of the first to place and order and things weren't flagged as sold out on the site until a half hour after I'd placed my order.

So I called back, left a voicemail on her machine, thinking she was at lunch. I'm obsessed and manic and called back every 5 minutes for two hours, but no answer (no, I'm not a psycho stalker I only left the one voicemail haha).

Around 2 I got fed up and called the main customer services line (rather than just calling her direct extension) and the lady I got through to spoke to someone else in the first lady's team and took my order numbers and said the other person would look into it and call me back. I gave them my work number so I won't miss the call again.

WELL it's been an hour and they haven't called me back yet. I know it's *only* an hour but I'm going to stress until I get everything sorted out. I'm going to give it until 4 and then call back and see if I can tell them to call my mobile number instead, because I'm leaving the office at 4:30 and it would be just my luck that customer services call my desk number at 5:30 when I'm already at home.

So frustrating, I hate playing phone tag. And I'm hoping hoping praying they're just confirming addresses (I get things shipped to a relative in the same city because nobody at my billing address is home to accept deliveries) or just another authorisation because it's such a huge order amount.

Fingers crossed. I'll let you know if/when I hear back!


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Thanks for the support ladies!!

Right! They finally just called me back thank goodness.

It was what I figured it was... they thought I was a fraudster because I placed three orders that totalled A LOT and had it delivered to a different address from my billing address.

So she asked me what the billing address was and I told her, then she asked me to name some roads around the road my address is on. I floundered a bit, I only know two roads near my house.. one around the corner and the main road. So I told her that and said I don't know the area well because I've lived there less than a year. So she asked how long I've lived there and I told her, but I explained that I live with family and we take the car everywhere so I don't need to know road names etc. Sigh.

So then she asked me why I'm delivering it to another address, which is simple. Everyone in my household works full time and nobody is home during the day to accept deliveries - so I get things shipped to my grandmother's house because my grandparents are retired and it's easier for me just to send it to their house. Sigh. THEN she asked for the landline number for my home address, even though she already has my work number and mobile number.

Then she asked "Why have you ordered such large quantities? Is it for personal or business use?" So I had to explain that I wanted the entire HK Collection - which she would know if she'd actually looked at my orders and seen it for herself, it's kind of obvious I'd think. Then she asked why it was in more than one order. Simple - I placed the first order at work in a hurry. Got home late, decided to go ahead and order the rest. Besides they have a maximum order amount and everything I ordered was over that =P

ANYway she's passed it back to their financial department to authorise it, and said they'd get back to me again in case they need any more information.

Got me stressin' because it sounded like she didn't believe me lol. When I said I didn't know the area she sounded like she was all "and why is that!" I'm not from this country, I don't even know road names around the house I grew up in for fourteen years in Canada lol.

Anyway, at least they didn't tell me some of the stuff was unavailable. HOPEfully they'll authorise it and it'll get shipped tomorrow for me. <3


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I hope you get your order!

I hate being that kind of position where people think your stealing or trying to do something sneaky.

I moved to my current home 4 years ago and still don't know the area that well. People are always surprised that I can't even really give them good directions to get to my house. I just tell them to go to mapquest lol.


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Haha yeah I'm the same way. I only know two roads around my mom's house and she's lived there since I was four years old =/

I totally thought she was going to callback and tell me they don't believe I'm me but it looks like they've released the order as everything's status is showing as "In Warehouse" now so I think it'll be dispatched today, fingers crossed.

The really dumb thing is, as I was on the phone with her I felt really guilty like I'd done something wrong haha.


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I am NOT Happy

Well if any of you read my "Waiting Waiting Waiting" post yesterday, all seemed to be good news.


I've just received an email from MAC online saying that "by the time your order reached our warehouse the following products were out of stock".

We're talking £200 worth of products, and all of the items that were on my "MUST HAVE" list.

The reason I'm so angry is because I was one of the first to place an order - I refreshed just as everything went online and placed my order right away. Nothing was sold out until later that night. But because the finance department wanted to do extra security checks with me, and didn't bother to reserve my order - should it not be first come first served?? - half of the order is sold out and they're refunding me the cost.

I've just called to complain. Fair enough if I was the reason it was delayed, if I had placed it late or put in a wrong card number or something. But the lady called me yesterday and I spent ALL DAY calling back every five minutes trying to get a hold of her, and when they finally passed it onto someone else to pick up it took them forever to call me back again.

It is not fair that I placed one of the first orders and I'm now potentially missing out on a good half of the collection because THEY delayed sending it through to the warehouse.

The lady I spoke to just now said she'd look into it and call me back in the next hour.

But I am so upset and angry right now I'm shaking.

(you know you're an addict when....)

Agh, I could scream.


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Re: I am NOT Happy

Just had a call back. The woman had put it through to a colleague in the deliveries department to inform me which items were not being delivered.

Um, hello? I already know that, that's what the email was about. I called to complain. This is the worst customer service, to tell me "sorry not my problem, it was delayed getting to the warehouse".

Seriously, I am super pissed right now, I'm writing a complaint as we speak.


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Re: I am NOT Happy

You`re right to be pissed... I know I would...and maybe because you`re fighting back they`ll find a way to send you the products


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Re: I am NOT Happy

Awww that sucks...I really don't think MAC was ready for the demand of this collection..but keep complaining..hopefully they can get the items for you...


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Re: I am NOT Happy

wow and i thought mac was always on top of things this really does make me mad on your behalf i would be so irate...keep complaining! That is very unprofessional!


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Re: I am NOT Happy

Ah thanks you guys! Seriously, a friend of mine just said "Jesus Vikki it's just makeup" but that is entirely not the point, I'm glad you all understand the frustration.

I've written a page-and-a-half long formal letter of complaint and I got the address for some manager lady to send it to direct. Once I get a stamp she's going in the mail! And I'll keep writing until they do something about it.

The GOOD NEWS is that I just got through to my local MAC counter and they were NOT sold out of anything except one lipstick (which luckily is coming in the post anyway). She said they're not supposed to hold items (I can't get in until tomorrow morning) but I explained what happened and she was super sympathetic and put them away anyway. SO I AM GETTING EVERYTHING I ORDERED - except the mirrored key clip chain. Which is a negligible loss.

So I'm much happier now.

HOWEVER I am still going to pursue complaints because this should not have happened in the first place and is very poor customer services regardless of the happy ending. It was just luck that my local Mac Counter had the things I needed in stock still.

Thanks guys, you rock =] So glad I found this forum, I need some likeminded individuals! xxx


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Re: I am NOT Happy

Wow, tbh I would follow the complaint through too.

At least you're gonna get it all now

I'm pretty appalled at the way MAC seems to have underestimated this collection and sold out so quickly - surely they would have made more for an increased demand? I mean, Hello Kitty has a cult-like following too.. so you'd think they'd realise that it's gonna be demand x 2?
Stupid MAC...



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Re: I am NOT Happy

I totally agree. This isn't just MAC, this is Hello Kitty fans that date back as long as I've been alive! And you'd think especially after seeing how the US website and shops sold out of most of the products so quickly, they'd have learned from that and beefed up their stock a little for the UK release but of course not.

Sigh, the one thing I DID forget to ask the MAC chick to save for me was the Pink Fish lip conditioner... which was the one I liked so much I ordered two of them haha. But I'm going first thing in the morning so hopefully they'll still have some anyway!

Definitely following through the complaint, this is just ridiculous


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Re: I am NOT Happy

I'm glad you're getting everything on your list, but I'm sorry you had to go through all that. How unprofessional of all the people you've spoken to! I think you should definitely keep complaining until they make ammends in some way. It's just bad customer service and they need to be called on that.


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I'm seriously the worst person when it comes to be observant to my surroundings. I'm always getting lost and getting directions from locals doesn't help either. One thing goes in one ear and out the other! I'm lucky my phone has internet access so I can mapquest whenever I need to.

But wow I can't believe how unprofessional MAC was handling this. Yeah I understand that the order did seem suspicious at first and that they wanted to check it out first before sending it out. The right thing would of to put those items that you ordered on hold while they investigated this situation. This way you don't get screwed out of your items. It was no secret to them or anyone that this collection was selling fast and was in super high demand. And yes it should be first come first serve basis plus the items were listed as available still when you originally made your order.

I agree that you NEED to complain about this until they listen and do something about it. I'm glad that your store still had almost everything in stock still and was willing to put those items on hold for you. Don't mess with a MAC + Hello Kitty addict!

Again yes MAC has made some mistakes with this collections release. They underestimated how well things were going to sell and how fast they were going. I didn't get to get any of the accessories cause I'm not too big on ordering things online plus all the accessories are sold out online. I really want some of the things and got really excited when I got the Hello Kitty Kouture email from MAC. In the email it had mentioned the Hello Kitty accessories too, here I'll type exactly what it had said in the email, "The season's most sought-after collectibles! Covet uber-cute beaded charm bracelets, mirrored key clips, devilishly adorable graphic totes and vanity cases sold exclusively online...and Hello! Her absolute must-have: the fabulous 14'' plus Hello Kitty doll!" Well the super excited me thinking that they must have restocked the acessories on the site! But when I logged onto the computer, yeah everything was still soldout as it had been for weeks now. I honestly have no clue why they had to include that in the email for the Kouture collection if everything is sold out?!!! It pissed me off!


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^^^^ I so agree w/you..how can u undrestimate this collection when there are stores dedicated & sells nothing but Hello Kitty...this is not Barbie...but HK for crying out loud!!!!

I am glad they were looking out for your protection but once u answered the ??? that should have been it..not interrogate you some more...this has happened to me and it pissed me off big time!!!

I ordered the vanity case from Sanrio & had to fill out an order form plus send copies of the front & back of my DL & CC!!!!

Hope u get all ur stuff and please follow thru w/the complaint!!!!

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