wedding reception


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Ktinagapay and I, along with two other hairstylists, were working on this wedding and were later invited to the reception
oh oh oh!! and in the second pic, I dunno if you can all tell, but a speck of glitter fell onto my nose and it kinda looks like I pierced my nose.. Do you think that would look weird? I'm really thinking of doing it!



and a bonus!

MUFE foundation and powder
msfn dark
fancy ray b/c
redhead msf

new weed and uppity f/l
flourishing, soft brown, sumtuous olive, gorgeous gold, llama, and vanilla e/s
antique gold reflects

in these pics: style it up l/s and ample pink p/g
But later changed it creme de nude l/s and vital spark l/g


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yea I was def thinking of getting the stones the same size.. But I dunno what side! Sometimes I feel like the opposite side of my monroe piercing would be weird but then again I dunno.. hmm!!


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gorgeous i love your brows!!

And I too have a monroe and was having the same debate about the nose piercing too, hehehe


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if you do go for the nose piercing, I'd vote for the opposite side as the monroe, as I'm thinking if they are close together (ie that side of the nose with your monroe) it may look too....clustered.

I <3 your makeup!!


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This is such a hot smokey eye! I never use Flourishing & now I feel inspired! Where did you place the colors? Oh & I think you would look hot with a nose piercing!


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i love your makeup and hairstyle its soooo hawtt! i think the piercing would be cute. dont go high up as the glitter speck though!

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