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Wet and Wild Color Icon Eyeliner


New member
Overall rating: 5
Price value: 5
Packaging quality: 4
Buy again? Definitely!

I am absolutely on a WnW kick after discovering the Color Icon palettes! These pencils are lovely and priced magnificiently! I bought them in purple, black black, amethyst, deep blue, olive, and characoal. According to their website there are twelve different pencils. I think they are amazingly creamy. When I swatched them, they just glided on. The only one that seemed to pull a bit was the deep blue, but that might have just been me. The staying power is a bit mediocre, but for the price, I'm okay with that. I have only used the charcoal color and setting it with a bit of e/s has garnered the best lasting power for me.

The only thing that I do not like are the length of the pencils. I know..that's weird, because you get more product because of the length, but I prefer a pencil about half their sizes for better control. All in all, I will definitely purchase again and recommend the product.