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Wet 'n' Wild: Craze Duo Eyeshadows (Limited Edition)


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Overall Rating: 5
Price: 5
Packaging Quality: 4
Would you buy this product again? Yes!

General Comments on this product:

The packaging says it has a net weight of 0.03 oz or 1.0 g. The sticker on the back can be peeled back to review the ingredients. I am mentioning this because, surprisingly, each shadow will list each different type of colors/micas/shades used. This is VERY surprising because most brands, including highends, will just write: may include the following or +/- the following, and Wet 'n' Wild actually went through the trouble to print all the different shades out! I'm MORE than impressed!

Before we hit the description and colors, let's talk about the price. Wet 'n' Wild is known to be cheap and not a lot of people pay attention to them. So for $1.99 per duo, that's pretty good. Especially when it's on a buy one get one free or 50% off sale. =D

In terms of the packaging, these remind me of NYX's Pearl Eyeshadows. It's a flip open case, the plastic is quite hard and feels durable. The stickers leave no sticky residue.

Now let's get to the colors...

--> Blue My Mind has a light silver with white and silver sparkles and a deep midnight blue shadow with blue sparkles of various shades. Not much to say about this one except that it blends like a dream, pigmented, smooth, and absolutely lovely

--> Caffeine Fix contains a soft bronze gold with gold sparkles and a burgundy brown with golden sparkles as well. The brown in the duo reminds me of Nars Galapagos as both has copper sparkles. Both pigmented and smooth, this duo earns brownie points in my book. This duo is EASILY the most pigmented of all 7.

--> Eye Bruise Easily has a medium rosey wine pink with gold sparkles and a deceptive matte black with slight multicolors sparkles. The lighter shade immediately reminds me of Benefit's Shimmery Rose Lip Gloss, if you can make that into a shadow, this is it. Both very smooth, and you'd think that the black shade would be more pigmented than the pink, but...both are equally pigmented!

--> I Dream of Greenie contains a lime green and a medium grass/turquoise combination green. Both are shimmery with slight and small sparkles. The lime green has light green and yellow sparkles. The grass green has turquoise and green sparkles. The darker of the two shades may look matte at first, but looking at it closely, it borderlines velvet just a little bit. The lime green is slightly chalky, but both are very pigmented and very smooth. Both wears well on the lid, of course both last a bit longer with primer and/or base.

--> Iris I Was Rich has a shimmery medium beige/tan shadow with pinkish/purple undertones and a deep bright shimmery and almost matte purple. The lighter of the two shades first looked like a neutral taupe but when applied next to the purple or any purple, the true undertones come out. And it also has a very pretty sheen when applied. The darker of the two shades is a deep bright purple with slight silver and light lilac sparkles. Another shade that is borderlining matte, but not quite there. Surprisingly none chalky at all and both are very pigmented and smooth.

--> Sky's the Limit contains a sky/baby iridescent blue and a vibrant electric blue. This is the duo that I was most skeptical of but was most pleased with. Blues are KNOWN to be chalky and there are few shadows out there that aren't, well consider this duo to be added to the short nonchalky list. Both colors are vibrant, pigmented, smooth and nonchalky. The lighter shade is very very unique, I don't have anything in my collection that is quite like it. The darker shade reminds me of MAC Electric Eel right off the bat.

--> Tequila Sunrise contains a light medium shimmery pink and a copper penny. Both colors are quite shimmery but not to the point of a disco ball on your eyes. A side note though that the colors do go on a tad bit lighter than the colors in the pan. But both colors are again very pigmented and very smooth.

If you've read through all my ramblings, you'll notice a trend of the majority of the shadows being very pigmented and smooth. The most pigmented goes to Caffeine Fix.

In terms of staying power...these suckers STAY on. WITHOUT a primer/base...now imagine how long they'd stay on WITH a primer/base. I'd say that these little guys are VERY Mac comparable and there definitely will be dupes (though I don't have that many MAC eyeshadows so I can't do a direct comparison...but bring it to a MAC counter and I'm sure there are some that will be verrrry similar).