What Are Your Favorite Mac products of 2011?


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I know it's a little early to start this up again, but we've gone through 2/3 of the year so I'm going to go for the preliminary round!
Here are my personal picks - I'm not trying to be objective at all.

Favorite Collection: So far, Semi-Precious - the MSF, MES, lipsticks and cremesheen glasses were all perfection and good for year-round sexy loveliness. Runner up is Quite Cute, for the outrageous but workable lippies and the pretty and very flattering MBs.

Favorite Lipstick: Wow, this is a tough category this year. Although Runaway Red is the best red I've had in many years, and Candy Yum Yum got me an excessive amount of compliments, I'm going to have to pick Mehr for getting the advance drop on the MLBB trend as well as the matte trend well ahead of the Fashion Express Train. That it looks frikken gorgeous, while still being subtle doesn't hurt, either. Playtime and One of a Kind get honorable mention for being versatile, flattering and still quite unusual.

Favorite Gloss: Another tough one, but Krazy Kahuna edges them all out, due to its uniqueness and ability to transform many other colors in unexpected and luscious ways. 3-way Cremesheen Glass toss-up between Geo Pink, Richly Revered and Natural Flare, too, since it's my favorite formula and these colors are particularly flattering. Still waiting on Glam Glasses and Pro-Longwear Glasses, but they sure don't have anything equal to KK, color-wise.

Favorite Blush: Although Mighty Aphrodite edged it out, as far as day-to-day use goes, Sakura still wins for just being gorgeous and remarkably wearable, with a lovely texture and finish. It's still early yet, but Equilibrium has a good chance to eventually take over from both of these blushes, due to its amazing ease of use, gorgeous finish and being the fashion-forward color that's going to keep on going into next year and beyond. I can't really picture myself ever hitting pan on a MAC blush, but if I do, Equilibrium will probably be it. I basically have no excuse to step out of the house without beautiful cheekbones with this one.

Favorite Face Product: Careblend, Careblend, Careblend. Fantastic formula that always feels weightless and non-aggravating on and gives a perfect veil of age-defying coverage. Lush Light Bronze Careblend bronzer has been extra-special too - for some reason, it has exactly what it takes to hide the puffy bags under my eyes better than any concealer in my collection...I'm usually not a bronzer gal, either. Special mention to the Semi-Precious MSFs for their beautiful, wet-look texture and versatility. As summer heads into fall, Crystal Pink is getting a lot of love.

Favorite Eye Shadow: A lot of competition in this category this year and we still have more coming up. Clarity MES is leading the pack so far, but it's got very stiff competition from both the Crushed Metal pigment stacks, as well as many other MES (including Hint of Sapphire and Golden Gaze), Sun Blonde and of course, Plum Noir and Paparazz-she Mega Metals. Creamy Bisque is the underdog winner, for being so perfect at what it does, which is just give a gentle, flattering, neutral highlight and get out of the way. I still don't own the Evil Eye quad, but that might get some extra love before the end of the year, along with who knows what else.

Best New Product: As beautiful as the Mega Metal shadows are, I can't give them this slot, since quite a few of them were pretty irritating to my eyes (the frosty ones were the biggest culprits). I did love the retro 80's color range and that gorgeous, gorgeous sheen. Here's hoping the Pro-Longwear shadows pick up where these leave off. Top slot goes to the Kissable Lip Colours, for that fantastic, silken texture - so weightless and youth-giving; plus the serious long wear and beautiful colors. Plus hey, they coordinate with the Mega Metals so perfectly on every level. I can't wait for the next reformulation of this concept. There are still more new, high-tech products to come this year, so the ultimate winner might still be out there, Kissables!

Best Underdog Product: I sadly have to include this category this year, since we're getting so many new tech products and the resulting confusion has made some great stuff go under-appreciated. Big Bounce Shadow is #1 on this list. Gorgeous colors, major versatility and great staying power weren't enough to combat the application issues that took some time to wrap the old noggin around. Fortunately, Semi-Precious gave them a new lease on life and MAC definitely doesn't seem like it's ready to abandon their experiment, since most of the range is still available and not being sent off to the Goodbyes section quite yet. Here's hoping they've sold well enough to come back again in the future. I love them for being a sparkling product that adds all the shimmer I could want, while completely eradicating the crepey tendencies time prevents us from escaping and frosts tend to accentuate (yes even Mega Metals didn't cover over the crepe). Also, the beautiful duo-chrome effects you could get were particularly unique. Runner-up goes to Sheen Supreme. People couldn't get beyond the weird shape of the product in the tube. If they'd given it a chance, they would have found out that with a few uses, it conforms to your lips in a convenient way, since they're so soft and creamy. Decent wear, comfortable and flattering formula, great colors and it's PERM.

Favorite Miscellaneous: I adored the colored Opulash from Wonder Woman! I used colored mascara almost exclusively for literally decades and I've never had a formula show the color so clearly on my dark lashes while still keeping them looking silky and natural and not smudging off. MEN noticed the color - that is definitely saying something. Runner up goes to Prep+Prime Vibrancy Eye, which has officially replaced Fast Response Eye Cream as my maximum de-puffing solution, since it de-puffs just as well while also brightening up the whole area. It's also much more gentle to my skin. I'm not much of a fan of MAC skincare, but this is the sort of modern, multi-use, hybrid product I can really get behind.

Most Used: My single most used product this year, aside from my Careblend powder, is Exxxhibitionist Kissable Lip Colour. I grabbed this whenever I needed no-brainer lips running out of the house in a rush. I also grabbed it more often than not when I was wearing any of my Mega Metal shadows or putting together a stylish look for daytime or casual evenings out. It worked from the first week Peacocky came out in late winter/early spring all the way up to right now and is going to keep working into the fall for sure.

Most Outrageous Color: There were a few good'uns this year, but I'm reserving this slot for Potent Fig Mattene. Otherwise, say hello to my little friend Peacocky, for being an actual sophisticated blue. Sheer Mandarin gets a shout out too, since I think this color is going to be huge next spring and summer.

Worst Product: I like to be positive, but we all enjoy a little snark every now and then, so let me submit the Shadesticks. Those samples were shockingly dry after just one night of sitting out uncapped the night before the collection launched and were impossible to do anything other than draw a straight line with. That's bad. They must have brought them back for the fans, but yeek....not a good shelf life by any stretch.

Anyhow, hope you've enjoyed my musings here. Let me know what your favorites have been. With this new Poll feature, we could even turn this into a Best Of vote once we have more replies and more candidates as the year goes on. I bet we'll have a huge range of replies, since 2011 has been filled to the brim with MAC makeup variety!


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Favorite Collection: Honestly I would say semi precious. such pretty products that work well and some great staple products were in the collection too. :)

Favorite Lipstick: spitfire - stunning lipstick that leaves an amazing stain! i can't live without it!

Favorite Gloss: i love the lip gelees from fashion flower! they work well over all lipsticks :)

Favorite Blush: warmth of coral for me - such a pretty blush that doesn't look too orange on my nc20 cheeks. it just gives me enough warmth to really brighten my face :)

Favorite Face Product: magically cooling liquid powder! i am so happy mac made these perm because they really are special :) perfect for when i want to look glowy :)

Favorite Eye Shadow: hands down it is surf usa - such a beautiful teal green shade and even though i have a silly amount of shadows in that shade range - nothing is a dupe for it :) sun blonde also gets a special mention for being a mustad yellow rather than gold yellow :)

Best New Product: the mega metal peacocky shadows - so smooth and soft to apply and they had a great colour range!

Best Underdog Product: i have to say the semi precious mes - so many bloggers bashed them however us specktra people still tried them for ourselves and saw how awesome they really were :)

Favorite Miscellaneous: the mini fix+ bottle. perfect for holidays and taking around in your bag!

Most Used: pigments! none new of course but i use pigments more than any other product :)

Most Outrageous Color: the peacocky kissable lip colour! bright blue lips... how is that not outrageous?!

Worst Product: big bounce shadows - i know some people made these work but i really just can't :( they ball up on me and make my eye feel cold! it's pretty weird! and also the quite cute lipstick was terrible. it was patchy, sheer and just hard work! thank goodness i managed to buy lavender whip!


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Favorite Collection: I thought it would be Mac Me Over, but perhaps it is Peacocky.

Favorite Lipstick: This is so hard...Candy Yum Yum? Play Time? Hibiscus? Mehr? Runaway Red? Ever Hip? Okay, CYY it is.

Favorite Gloss: Again, a hard one. Krazy Kahuna. I haven't yet tried my Caqui, ER or Nitro so...

Favorite Blush: Pink Cult, Stunner and Equilibrium.

Favorite Face Product: Matchmaster foundation.

Favorite Eye Shadow: Hocus Pocus, Creamy Bisque, Oomph and Saffron.

Best New Product: No doubt - Kissable Lip Color!

Best Underdog Product: Careblend bronzer in Lush Light Bronze and the coloured mascaras.

Favorite Miscellaneous: The mini products and the pink sponges.

Most Used: This is not a product released this year, but Golden bronzer has gotten much love from me.

Most Outrageous Color: Quite Cute lipstick. Outrageous in a bad bad way. That was not cute.

Worst Product: New Hue zoom lash. I was super excited for it but it just doesn't work right. Also Big Bounce shadows. Even though I love a bit of them on top of a MES for example, I still think they are a miss in general. They cannot be worn by themselves.


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Favorite Collection: Surf Baby Collection (because of Surf USA eyeshadow)

Favorite Lipstick: I have not worn lipstick in ages so I have to go with Candy Yum Yum! A gorgeous hot pink matte lipstick and it's my first matte lipstick from MAC.

Favorite Gloss: Evoloution Resolution Lipglass! Stunning color!

Favorite Blush: Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo! Amazing shade!!

Favorite Face Product: N/A

Favorite Eye Shadow: Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus! Both were the most gorgeous colors ever and I backed them up.

Best New Product: Mega Metal Eyeshadows! Love how pigmented they were and wish MAC would repromotee them again.

Best Underdog Product: I would have to go with the Cutie Quad from Quite Cute collection. At first I thought about skipping that quad but the colors were so pretty and it can be workable.

Favorite Miscellaneous: N/A

Most Used: Jealousy Wakes e/s was the most used for this year since I kept reaching for it when I want to do a teal look. Also, I have reached for Geo Pink cremesheen glass whenever I don't feel like wearing dazzleglasses.

Most Outrageous Color: Peacocky Kissable Lip Colour was the most outrageous color that I've seen!

Worst Product: Worst product are the Big Bounce Shadows. So glad I skipped them and did not bother to swatch them at my MAC store.


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Favourite Collection: I think I'll have to say MAC Me Over, or Bloggers' Obsessions. I didn't buy very much from either, but I just liked the meaning behind the collections.

Favorite Lipstick: Candy Yum Yum was amazing, but I don't wear it much. For the Summertime, I loved Ultra Darling Sheen Supreme. From a collection, Riveting Rose is awesome. I love everything about it.

Favorite Gloss: I LOVE Ethereal from Lightfully Bright. It adds a bit of sparkle to anything, but is nice on it's own as well. Also, it's Turquoise!

Favorite Blush: Neutral Blush - Stunner from MAC Me Over. Very nice on me. Dramatic Blush - Overdyed from Jeanius. It works great with my skintone, and can be applied sheerly, or built up.

Favorite Face Product: Studio Careblend Powder! This has replaced my MSF Natural as my go to powder. It's got a much better feel, and the finish is a lot less powdery.

Favorite Eye Shadow: I didn't buy a ton of eyeshadow this year. If I had to pick just one, I guess Hocus Pocus. It makes a great smoky eye!

Best New Product: I regret skipping these, and am seriously hoping for a comeback, so I can buy them all, but because of rave reviews, I'm going to have to say Kissable Lip Colours!

Best Underdog Product: Sheen Supremes. They're so easy to wear, and have a great texture.

Favorite Miscellaneous: Off the top of my head, Studio Fix Bold Black Lash. SF is the only MAC Mascara that I've ever liked, so when it came out in a "blacker" formula, I had to have it.

Most Used: I use Dalliance Mega Metal shadow a lot. It works on it's own, and works very well with other shadows.

Most Outrageous Color: That I bought: Candy Yum Yum. I get a lot of stares when I wear it. Overall: Peacocky kissable lip colour. I would love to wear a blue lip outside of the house, but I just don't think I could.

Worst Product: Big Bounce shadows. I played with them in store, and couldn't stand them. Sorry MAC.


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Favorite Collection: Wonder Woman. I went slightly nuts with the blushes, lipstick and colored mascaras

Favorite Lipstick: Gem of Roses from Semi Precious

Favorite Gloss: I only bought two this year (I have too much gloss) - Good Lovin' from Surf Baby

Favorite Blush: Sakura from Quite Cute

Favorite Face Product: Chez Chez Lame from Champale (that was 2011, right?)

Favorite Eye Shadow: Being such a shadow whore, this is a tough one. But I'd have to say Unsurpassable from Semi Precious

Best New Product: Mega Metal eyeshadows from Peacocky

Best Underdog Product: Miss Behave from Quite Cute - it's a terrible blush but a good highlighter on me

Favorite Miscellaneous: Colored mascaras from Wonder Woman - I have all 3.

Most Used: Marquise D lipstick from Wonder Woman. I should have bought a case of backups, I use this all the time and am almost out.

Most Outrageous Color: Quite Cute lipstick Play Time. It's way purple, at least on me.

Worst Product: Tie between Naturally Eccentric lipstick from Surf Baby and Cakeshop shadestick. Cakeshop was dry, dry, dry, and a huge disappointment. I sent both of these back.


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In past years (been back "heavily" into makeup for 3...almost 4 now) I can't say I was a big fan of more than one or two of the collections but this year MAC has really impressed me!

Favorite Collection: Peacocky! No doubt about it for me. I LOVED the eyeshadows, LOVED the kissable lip color formula. Still hoping some of these become permanent at some point.Spectacle of Yourself, Unflappable, Centre Stage and Dalliance e/s...Love Peck and Scandalicious lip color are some of my favorite items to ever come out of MAC. I have to say though that Posh Paradise and the Bloggers Obsession collections were also favorites for me this year. I LOVED everything I bought this year. Maybe I am just learning to edit myself better or maybe MAC is just really delivering the goods? Or both ;)

Favorite Lipstick: Endless Drama from StyleDriven. Gorgeous, long wearing fall/winter plummed berry red perfection. I am so in love and so impressed!

Favorite Gloss: I am not a big fan of MAC glosses to be honest...but absolutely love the LipGelees and Budding Beauty has to be my favorite to come out in quite a while (Fashion Flower collection). It was a great compliment to the matte corals and peaches I wore for much of spring and summer.

Favorite Blush: Overdyed blush from the Jeanius collection. Beautiful, bright, great for spring

Favorite Face Product: can't think of one at the moment

Favorite Eye Shadow: I just can't pick one. MAC had some amazing e/s come out this year. My top 5 favorites: Hocus Pocus (Bloggers Obsessions), Surf USA (Surf Baby), Spectacle of Yourself (Peacocky), Dalliance (Peacocky) and Golden Gaze mes (Semi Precious)

Best New Product: Mega Metal Eyeshadows and Kissable Lip Colors from Peacocky! Also love the prolong wear line.

Best Underdog Product: Zoomlash mascara. MAC mascaras don't get a lot of love but I am quite pleasantly surprised with this product!

Favorite Miscellaneous: Paint pots in Half Wild and Nubile! GORGEOUS and easier to blend than some other paint pots. The color of HW is particularly unique and fun. Also, can't forget to mention Siahi Fluidline from the Mickey Contractor collection. SO gorgeous and unique to my collection. I wish it would be made perm b/c I use it rarely, afraid that once it's gone I won't be able to get it again.

Most Used: Hocus Pocus e/s, Spectacle of yourself e/s, Love Peck kissable lip color, Scandalicious kissable lip color...and I know they just came out but I can already tell I will be using Delectable mattene and Endless Drama l/s a lot.

Most Outrageous Color: Peacocky Kissable Lip Colour if you mean "off the beaten path"....and maybe Candy Yum Yum too b/c I just found it so...unwearable.

Worst Product: Big Bounce Shadows *sigh*. Oh and I have to add the Surf the Ocean pigment stack: SO promising but the gold pigment turned into gold goop...not just for me but for many if not most of the people I heard from online who bought it as well. THAT's certainly never happened before...and how MAC let it get out there that way, is beyond my comprehension at least.

Adding a couple of categories:

Favorite new or repromoted tools/accessories (non permanent): 211 and 226 brushes!!! (MAC Me Over collection)

Favorite new or repromoted Nailpolish: Deep Sea (MAc Me Over) and Rain of Flowers (Posh Paradise)


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The Mega Metal eyeshadows, Candy Yum Yum lipstick and Pink Cult blush have to be my favourites from this year. Oh, and the Wonder Woman Athena's Kiss lipgloss - it's gotten me more favourable comments than anything else, and it seems to last so long on me. It's one of the very few items I have ever backed up, despite the size of it.


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Yay liba!! I love this topic. =)

I'm afraid my post will be a bit pathetic since I've purchased almost no MAC this year, but let's see! Whatever's empty will just have to be filled in by the end of the year....

Favorite Collection: Well, Gareth Pugh hasn't come out yet, but I have a feeling it will be my second favorite ever after Style Black.

Favorite Lipstick: Hibiscus, hands down, as it's the only one I bought and kept. XD

Favorite Gloss: I'm kind of on a gloss no-buy this year, so none! 2011 was my year for tracking down my beloved Silly Girl lipglass though (even if it's a small size), so even though it didn't come out this year, it's my favorite.

Favorite Blush: Errrrm..... Did I but any blushes this year? XD This will likely be filled in by Strada, even if it's a repromote. (I warned you this post would be sad and boring!)

Favorite Face Product: Too Chic Highlighter, hands down. One of the few things I didn't sell off this year. I couldn't handle parting with it. Not really a face product, but you know....

Favorite Eye Shadow: Once again, I don't think I've kept any eyeshadows I purchased this year.... I liked Oomph a lot, but it's gone now. I don't have any answer for this one!

Best New Product: Ugh.... I probably just shouldn't fill this out at all! I don't think I tried any new product categories this year.

Best Underdog Product:
I got nothing!

Favorite Miscellaneous:

Most Used: Too Chic Highlighter.

Most Outrageous Color: Shit, I don't know! Nothing I bought myself! Probably Peacocky for the shock factor. :p

Worst Product: Sorry, liba, but mine is the Big Bounce shadows.... The one I swatched was just awful IMO. Just... no.

So, people, I have to fill in miscellaneous, underdog, new product, eye shadow, blush, and gloss by the end of the year! XD


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Here are my picks :) Favorite Collection: Surf Baby. I love everything from this collection. Favorite Lipstick: Musky Amythyst from Semi Precious. Favorite Gloss: Looks like sin from semi precious. Favorite Blush: Pressed Amber Mineralize Blush from Semi Precious Favorite Face Product: Gilty Bronze Skinsheen bronzer Stick from Surf Baby Favorite Eye Shadow: Noir Plum from Peacocky Best New Product: Kissable Lipcolour from Peacocky Best Underdog Product: Pro Longwear Lip Pencils from Styledriven Most Used: Gilty Bronze Skinsheen bronzer stick from Surf baby Worst Product: Flighty big bounce shadows.


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Favorite Collection: semi precious - by far..the mes just keep getting better, the brushes were great and I love creamsheen glosses!

Favorite Lipstick: insanely it sheen supreme lipstick. Would of loved to have gotten cyy but I was a bit too late to the party with that one! hopefully it will get repromoted

Favorite Gloss: pure magnificence creamsheen gloss

Favorite Blush: stunner

Favorite Face Product: prep & prime highlighter pen...far better than ysl imo

Favorite Eye Shadow: clarity mes!!!!!!!!

Best New Product: sheen supreme lipsticks, prep & prime illuminators, prep & prime pens

Best Underdog Product: quartz fusion mes....a little bit of fallout but so worth it!!!!!!. Also I loved the dangerous cuvee paint pot but it didn't seem to get much love from people

Favorite Miscellaneous: split fibre brushes from semi precious - I am so surprised these didn't get more rave reviews. I LOVE them!

Most Used: lightscapade msf - perfect for my very fair skin

Most Outrageous Color: quite the thing sheen supreme lipstick..its not really outrageous...its just that I think its an unusual colour and I love it

Worst Product: wonder woman...not really the products...more so the packaging which I didn't like at all


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I also hauled very little MAC this year, as I just wasn't uber impressed with the offerings, which is odd for me (but has been happening more and more).

Favorite Collection: Peacocky

Favorite Lipstick: Seeds of Desire Mattene

Favorite Gloss: Flaunting It Kissable Lipcolor

Favorite Blush: N/A

Favorite Face Product: N/A

Favorite Eye Shadow: Tie for me between Clarify MES and Golden Gaze MES (the latter of which I hunted down like a dog!)

Best New Product: Mega Metal eyeshadows from Peacocky

Best Underdog Product: N/A

Favorite Miscellaneous: N/A

Most Used: Hocus Pocus e/s

Most Outrageous Color: Peacocky Kissable Lipcolor

Worst Product: Big Bounce e/s

Shadowy Lady

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I don't buy much makeup anymore and can't honestly remember all these LE collections as I've only looked at 2-3 this past year. But outta what I did buy, here are my faves:

- Woo Me kissable lip colour - gorgeous nude, love the formula
- Pink Cult blush - my everyday pink, can't stop using this!
- Legendary Mattene - beautiful cinnamon red, I adore mattene formula


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Favorite Collection: Semi Precious! Those jewel colored MES' really made a dent in my wallet! And I really enjoyed the blushes as well

Favorite Lipstick: Candy Yum Yum for sure. Also Potent Fig mattene.

Favorite Gloss: Pleasure Principal Dazzleglass (it's the only backup gloss I bought this year)

Favorite Blush: Pink Cult and Stunner blush

Favorite Face Product: Even though I already had one, I'm so glad they brought back Lightscapade so I could back it up!

Favorite Eye Shadow: I bought all the Mega Metal shadows so I'd have to give it to them : ). I fell in love with the texture...reminded me of Starflash

Best New Product: Mega Metals! And the new mattenes (they feel different, so does it count as a new product?)

Best Underdog Product: Semi precious mes, because even though they got slammed by bloggers, they turned out to be beautiful!

Favorite Miscellaneous: The new pigments that have come out this year! So pretty!

Most Used: Stunner and Pink cult blush

Most Outrageous Color: Potent Fig mattene! Even though I love it and it's a color I've been dreaming for to come out, I still haven't worn in it public lol!

Worst Product: Just because I didn't but a single thing from the collection, I'd have to say Big Bounce shadows.


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Favourite Collection Semi Precious for sure
Favourite Lipstick easy for me, Hibiscus.
Favourite Lipgloss Krazy Kahuna
Favourite Blush Giggly, so cute!
Favourite Eyeshadow Clarity MES, I even got a back up, although I know I could never finish it. It was just for me, greyish green, glittery...
Favourite Face Product That's a tough one, Golden Lariat MSF, Crystal Pink MSF, Goldstone MSF, the repromotes Lightscapade and Porcelain Pink...
Most Used Goldstone MSF, Hibiscus, Valiant quad from WW

Worst products They are not worst, I just regret buying them, they are not that special and never use them: Saffron and Sun Blonde e/s from Surf Baby


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Favorite Collection: I'm waiting for Gareth Pugh

Favorite Lipstick: Candy Yum Yum

Favorite Gloss: Krazy Kahuna

Favorite Blush: Pink Cult

Favorite Face Product: Matchmaster Foundation

Favorite Eye Shadow: Hocus Pocus

Best New Product: Mega Metal e/s from Peacocky

Best Underdog Product: N/A

Favorite Miscellaneous: N/A

Most Used: Pink Cult blush

Most Outrageous Color: Peacocky Kissable Lip Colour

Worst Product: Big Bounce e/s


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Favourite Collection: Peacocky (I spent the most in this collection, so definitely Peacocky)

Favourite Lipstick: Candy Yum Yum

Favourite lipgloss: Nothing really shouted out to me for this yr's collections...

Favourite blush: Equilibrium

Favourite face product: -

Favourite eyeshadow: Sunny outlook prolong wear e/s, Fresh Flare pro longwear e/s, Sun blonde e/s, Surf USA e/s, and all the mega metal e/s which i bought from Peacocky

Best new product: Mega metal e/s

Best underdog product: Equilibrum blush... it looks very dull brown in the pan, but applies as a very nice soft subtle contour on my NC20 skintone. I love this

Favourite miscellaneous: -

Most used: Candy Yum Yum l/s and equilibrium blush

Most outrageous color: Smoked purple lipstick..it's outrageous but it actually makes a nice gothich look.

Worst product: Big bounce e/s and (sorry folks, I know many of u love the Semi precious MES, but I HATE them, too much GLITTER FALL out and too much work to make them appear on my eyes), Semi precious MES except blue sheen (Blue sheen MES rocks...I only wished the other MES in the SEMI precious MES had the consistency that blue sheen MES had)

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