What can I pair with Aqualine?


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I couldn't resist buying this although I have Peacocky already. What eye colours should I pair this with?


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i used it with zonk bleu all over the lid and freshwater in the inner corners. i used blacktrack on my waterline.

hope that helps! i think it might look nice with pinks or a smokey eye but ive not tried either of those yet.


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For a day to day look I tihnk it would look nice with a taupe-y sort of colour to set it off, I do this with So there jade powerpoint and Blue Peep fluidline aswell.

poppy z

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I've made a look with aqualine on member fodt (see on my last posts on my public profile) : with crystal avalanche, aquadisiac, jewel blue and bluer blue (I think...).
A MA told me that a pink or an orange e/s would be great with.


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Here's what I did with it- I put Shroom all over and some frostlite fluidline under my brow to really pop my browline... then put a big thick line of aqualine on top 60's style and a thin line underneath. I also stuck on some half lashes, did a couple coats of black mascara... and then I went a little nuts, using the aqualine to tip my lashes.

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