What colours should I try & one other question


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Q1. If you could give me a makeover, what would you do to me? I prefer MAC stuff but I would consider other brands if necessary.

Q2. What red lipstick by MAC would suit me? please say there is one because I'm dying to try a red!



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I would love to see Rocker lipstick on you. It's a deep burgundy color. I think you could really pull off rich tones!
If you're looking for a more vibrant red, I'd reccommend Russian Red. It's my favorite!


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Debonnet suits everyone IMHO

But anyway- what colors would I put you in?

The first thing that came to mind was pinks, then greens then bronzes

I would say use MAC Seedy Pearl as a highlighter, MAC Yogurt from lashline to crease, MAC Girlie on the outer third of the eye and if you really wanna punch it up use Sushi flower in the crease and then I'd carry it down to a pink blush and pink glossy lips

Greens I'd do a greeny bronze: Like MAC Green Brown pigment from lashline to crease, MAC Chocolate Brown or something like that in the crease and tarnish eyekhol

Peach plush and maybe whatever peach lipgloss there is.

and for the bronzes- I dunno but I'd put you in them.


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Q1: I looooooove your eyebrows, I think they are beautiful, and your eyecolour is really pretty too. If I were to give you a makeover I would use something light, sheer and shimmery on your eyelid to highlight your eyes and open them right up, just a touch of a darker neutral on your outer V, and LOTS of shimmer highlight under the arch of your lovely brows... I think pinks, browns and silvery hues would be your best colours, very soft and pretty on you, I bet you'd look awesome in most of the Danse collection... Products-wise on you I would use something like....

- seedy pearl or all that glitters on lid

- perhaps satin taupe or moth brown as your colour for the outer V? (I don't have satin taupe but I'm thinking it would be about right, I'm thinking of a medium shimmer brown)

- crystal avalanche or rite of spring as highlight colour

- bitz 'n glitz or one of the brown fluidines to line

- a pinky brown shimmery lipglass such as VGV, corps du ballet

- some kind of rose coloured lightly shimmering blush (I use Sue Devitt silky blush in Belize, I don't know what the MAC equivalent it) on the apples of your cheek and a little bronzer to sculpt under your cheekbones

- Lighscapade MSF

Q2: I think you can totally rock red lipstick. I personally think Ruby Woo is the best stuff on the entire planet, ever and everyone should run out and buy it; it's a very strong matte red with blue undertones, but it's not quite as "oomphy"/in your face as Russian Red if that makes sense, so it might be worth a look for you.

I absolutely believe that EVERY single woman on the planet deserves a MAC red lipstick because there are so many of them out there that are beautiful beyond belief!!!

The two reds that always get recommended for "red lipstick virgins" are Ladybug, because it's a lustre and therefore sheer, can be layered up - it looks lovely but I don't have it - or "New York Apple", which is a beautiful pinky/bronzey subtle red with LOADS of very finely milled glitter through it - it's almost metallic in finish, and it's absolutely beautiful.

Hope this helps, Sho


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pinks and browns would look gorgeous on you. so would blues. for ur lips i would love to see pinks and reds on you
ur gorgeous HON

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